Ever since the AI era started, it has been no surprise that the mobile app industry is embracing the trend very well. Although in each category, there is a noticeable effort to adapt AI-powered technologies to the existing systems to step up in the highly competitive market, the implementations are highly out there in the photo & video category. 

As expected, the top apps in the category are the ones that came up with new editions. However, one player rebranded itself right after the AI trend and gained a respectable place in the category, which is Remini.

Let’s delve into the ingenious strategies that helped Remini secure a respectable position in the highly competitive mobile app market and discover why you need to pay attention to its AI-powered approach.

Describe Your App at Its Best to Rank Higher

Remini is a handy photo & video app providing its users with various features, including photo editing and the recently updated version of AI-powered quality enhancement. Remini’s remarkable success can be attributed to its multifaceted approach, seamlessly integrating AI-powered enhancements with strategic ASO techniques supported by data insights from MobileAction tools.


Remini app category ranking history for the last 3-month period. 

Since there are other well-known industry leaders in the category such as Facetune, Remini has always placed within the top 10 but never at the top of the rankings.


MobileAction dashboard, Top chart list 

If you wonder what would lead them to place at the top, relating their success only to AI would be unfair. According to the App Update Timeline tool on our MobileAction platform, around the same time, they added AI features to their app, changed their app marketing strategy, and decided to focus on ASO more heavily than ever. 


Remini updated their app metadata right before they started to raise the charts. 

On July 6th, they released an upgraded app version and first added AI-related terms in their description. This is where they first began leveraging the industry’s AI trend and started their visibility. 

Then after only five days, they reconstructed their perspective on which apps would be their competitors after rebranding themselves with AI. They adding apps like Picsart and Snapchat, which have already released features related to AI. Moreover, they scrape out apps fully focused on editing, like Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop, to empower their rebranding. 

This, for sure, makes them a stronger app in the industry, considering they have started to utilize the hype on AI; however, this would only help them to take a few steps up on the rankings. The real game changer on their rise is what they do for their ASO. 

Keep on Rising with the ASO

We keep telling you that, to improve your ASO performance, you should start working on your selection of keywords that you integrate into your app’s metadata and your marketing plans. That is the key to increasing your visibility and identifying your app’s target while aiming for the ones that search for specific keywords. How many keywords you could include in your app’s metadata would directly affect your app’s organic performance. 

Knowing that, let’s see how things change after Remini focuses on their keyword selection. 


The change in the number of keywords Remini ranked between May 13 to May 18. 

Prior to optimizing their keyword strategy, Remini’s performance in only 166 keywords, as observed by MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence utilizing a comprehensive dataset of 5+ million tracked keywords, fell well below the industry average for an app aspiring to secure top 3 rankings. We can say that their previous success in the charts mainly relies on their brand recognition. 

Right around the time they started to appear on higher rankings in the charts, we can see that they increased the number of keywords they have on their metadata by around 1162%. 

The increase in the number of keywords that they perform and the AI adaptation they combined led to a considerable jump in their visibility score over time. 


The historical data of Remini’s visibility score performance over time. 

Although their success on the organic side did push them up in the rankings to 1st spot, supporting organic performance with paid marketing is the key to maintaining their place in the market. 

Now, it’s time to check how they perform on the paid side. 

Never Forget to Support Your Growth with Paid Marketing

Combining organic growth with paid marketing and having a holistic user acquisition strategy is a perfect scenario for almost every app to have. Even the apps that have a respectable amount of brand recognition in their own category should consider continuing their actions on the paid side to protect and maintain their places. 

This is what Remini should pay attention to next right now. Although they have a remarkable performance on the organic side, there is still room for them to grow their paid marketing strategies to support what they accomplished on the organic side. 


Remini’s both Search Ads and Organic visibility scores. 

According to MobileAction’s search ads visibility score for Apple Search Ads, which calculates considering each keyword’s search popularity and any app’s ranking on that specific keyword, Remini has an above-average score. This could have been a good case if we were talking about any other app that may be top 10 instead of ranking as 1st like Remini. 

To have a better understanding, we made a competitor analysis on this section to identify clearly how much space for Remini to improve on. 


Facetune’s both Search Ads and Organic visibility scores.

Facetune is an app that provides pretty much the same services as Remini does. They have also leveraged the AI trend, which spread around the mobile app industry, and they have even bigger brand recognition in the industry. Yet, you can see that they have a higher search ads visibility score based on their Apple Search Ads practices.


A portion of the search results ads keyword lists of Remini, sorted by highest search popularity score. 

Understandably, Remini aimed to get impression shares from keywords that are related to their competitors’ brand names and generic keywords that their competitors have already ranked for. 

However, the total number of keywords they are running in their Apple Search Ads search results ad campaigns is 331, creating a huge opportunity for improvement for Remini. To illustrate the situation more clearly, let’s check how things are for Facetune. 


A portion of the search results ads keyword lists of Facetune, sorted by highest search popularity score. 

Facetune created a strategy to aim more at generic keywords, which seems like paying for them, considering they have taken the largest impressions share in almost all of them.  Also, the number of keywords that they run search results ads for is 6345, which explains the difference between the search ads visibility scores of both apps. 

On top of all of these, we have also seen that Remini does not utilize custom product pages and creates different ad variations in Apple Search Ads to reach their users in a more targeted way in search results campaigns. Facetune, on the other hand, is one of the most successfully implemented apps that utilize custom product pages. 

A portion of custom product pages were created by Facetune. 

Harnessing the power of MobileAction’s expansive ad library, replete with over 70+ million ad creatives sourced from 50+ ad networks, it’s worth highlighting that, Facetune has created 21 different ad variations for Apple Search Ads so far to connect its potential users more closely. They have also utilized ad variations in search results campaigns to test their ad creatives, target their competitors’ brand keywords, or localize their ads according to the storefront they have been performing. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are 2 milestones that lead Remini to the success they have today; implementing AI into its app metadata and stepping up its ASO game in order to improve its visibility. 
  • Even though Remini has a strong and well-design organic user acquisition strategy that pays off very well, especially for the last 3 months, they need to focus more on their paid marketing strategies. 
  • Although they have an already existing, respected brand recognition in the category, Facetune keeps investing in paid marketing activities to stay relevant and not lose its important spot on the market. 
  • Using custom product pages in Apple Search Ads search result ads are important in some categories that have gathered and complicated apps like photo & video categories. Apps that want to take a respectable amount of shares in the category should pay attention to reaching the right target in the right way. 

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