Apple Search Ads has great deals, and custom product pages are just an example. You meet high-intent users and show content specific to their personas. Well, you can target up to 35 personas since that’s the limit for custom product pages. But luckily, you now have the right tool to best leverage custom product pages.

We are excited to announce the industry’s first Custom Product Page Intelligence tool! You can now minimize your research costs, optimize your custom product pages and get the results you want.

How Custom Product Pages Intelligence will help you?

Search by keyword and uncover your top competitors.

Search by Keyword

Type your target keyword into the search bar. Click enter and find out which apps are running campaigns for the keyword. Simply the fastest way to uncover your top competitors in Apple Search Ads.

You see apps in descending order of impression share of their ads. In other words, you’ll have a list in descending order of your top competitors.

No more spending hours searching for your competitors or rushing between dashboards.

Search by app and discover all custom product pages for the app.

Search by App Custom product pages
Search by App
  • How are your competitors segment their audience? By feature, by campaign type, or by demographics?
  • Which visual trends are your competitors using in their screenshots?
  • What’s the impression share of each custom product page and default page?

You’ll see default and custom product pages on a single page, next to paid keywords the app has for that product page. If you want, you can click on the URL link and further investigate.

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