MobileAction is delighted to share the outstanding achievements of the top performers on US App Store user acquisition for Health & Fitness Apps. This compilation highlights apps that have excelled in mobile visibility, encompassing both paid and organic channels.

Leading the way is MyFitnessPal, celebrated for its exceptional ASO scores in user acquisition. Following closely is Fitbod, demonstrating successful metrics derived from effective organic and paid strategies. Securing the third position isBodyFast, showcasing a diverse range of active and successful ad creatives and earning the highest Ad Intelligence score. Peloton also earned a well-deserved spot on the list as they generated a remarkable Apple Search Ads score by leveraging multiple ad placements.

Let’s explore the standout achievements and strategies that have propelled these top apps ahead of the competition.

MyFitnessPal: Calorie Counter

  • With an impressive total of over 27,000 keywords achieving organic rankings, 565 of these keywords ranked #1. This success contributes to their commendable ASO Score, the highest for the Health & Fitness category. Notably, a significant portion of their organic downloads originates from a select set of 15 keywords, constituting over half of their overall organic traffic. Furthermore, their branded keywords play a pivotal role, being the primary source of more than 50% of their organic traffic.
health & fitness
ASO Report of MyFitnessPal
  • They are currently running search result ads for over 11,000 keywords, and more than 4,500 of these keywords exhibit a high impression of over 20%.
  • In the past month, they have executed a comprehensive advertising campaign, producing a total of 88 video-format ads that were strategically distributed across four ad networks. In their US storefront, they are committed to localization by creating 25% of their ads in Spanish. This bilingual approach is aimed at fostering greater user engagement and reaching a more diverse audience.

Fitbod Gym & Workout Planner

  • They’ve successfully earned organic rankings for over 4,500 keywords, and among them, 104 boast a search score exceeding 40. Their downloads primarily come from approximately 40 keywords, showcasing their knack for relevance across a variety of search intents.
  • They currently run search result ads for 989 paid keywords, with 55 of them having a search score higher than 40. This indicates a solid performance in targeting keywords that carry significant search intent and relevance.
  • Over the past month, they’ve actively ran 368 ads, utilizing both video and image formats across four distinct ad networks. Their advertising strategy uniquely combines the app’s UI elements with real-life footage to enhance the effectiveness of conveying the app’s core value. This approach aims to provide users with a comprehensive and engaging understanding of the app’s features and benefits.
health & fitness
Top performing creatives of Fitbod

BodyFast: Intermittent Fasting

  • BodyFast ranked organically for over 4,000 keywords, with 116 of them having  a search score of 40+. A significant portion of their organic downloads originate from 35 keywords. An interesting aspect is that their primary sources of organic traffic include their competitor’s brand keywords.
health & fitness
Organic download history for BodyFast
  • Within the last month, they’ve actively launched 316 ads in video, image, and banner media formats.
health & fitness
Top Creatives of BodyFast

InPulse – Heart Rate Monitor

  • They’ve achieved organic rankings for over 5,700 keywords, with 197 of them boasting a search score surpassing 40. The majority of their organic downloads come from 32 specific keywords, and more than 60% of these downloads are generated through their own brand keywords. This underscores the significant impact of their brand presence on the organic traffic they attract.
health & fitness
Organic download history of InPulse
  • They are currently running search result ads for over 1,200 keywords, and among them, 342 keywords are generating impressions exceeding 20%. In addition to their default product page, they have introduced a custom product page designed specifically to highlight and promote a particular feature that the app offers.
  • In the last month, they’ve created and ran 197 ads through 5 different ad networks. These ads, presented in both video and banner formats, prominently feature real-life footage to emphasize the app’s practical applications and highlight suitable usage scenarios.

Flo Period & Pregnancy Tracker

  • They’ve achieved organic rankings for over 16,000 keywords, securing the 1st spot for 268 of them. Among these, 18 keywords stand out with a remarkable search score exceeding 80. Their organic downloads primarily originate from 26 keywords, covering brand terms, generic phrases, and even competitor brand keywords. This diverse range of keywords reflects their effectiveness in attracting users across different search contexts.
health & fitness
ASO Report of Flo
  • They are actively running search result ads for more than 2,800 keywords, and among them, 80 keywords stand out with a search score surpassing 40. Notably, they’ve gone above and beyond industry averages by creating 18 custom product pages alongside their default product page. This impressive number demonstrates their commitment to providing a tailored experience. Leveraging varied screenshots and keywords, they aim to connect with a wider audience in a relatable and engaging manner.
health & fitness
Portion of the custom product pages created by Flo
  • Over the past month, they’ve developed and launched a total of 144 ads, strategically distributing them across 4 ad networks. What stands out is their preference for the image format, even in the presence of video format options within similar apps in their category. This choice of emphasizing images over videos adds an interesting dimension to their advertising strategy, showcasing a unique approach within their competitive landscape.

Peloton: Fitness & Workouts

  • They’ve successfully generated organic rankings for over 12,000 keywords. The primary source of their organic downloads revolves around 12 specific keywords. Interestingly, all of these keywords are either associated with their own brand or the brands of their competitors. More than 85% of their organic traffic is derived from searches related to their own brand keywords.
health & fitness
Organic download history of Peloton
  • They are actively running search result ads for an extensive portfolio of over 42,000 keywords, and more than 20,000 of these keywords has an impression share exceeding 20%. Notably, they hold the position of the top advertiser in the Health & Fitness category for search result ads and rank 2nd overall. Their strategic use of Search tab ads further improves their reach.
health & fitness
Top Advertisers on Apple Search Ads for the Health & Fitness Category 
  • Adding to their strategic approach, they have developed 3 custom product pages in addition to their default product page. One of these custom product pages outperforms their default product page in terms of impressions, reflecting a noteworthy achievement in their advertising efforts.
health & fitness
Custom product pages created by Peloton

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The ranking of top advertisers is determined by analyzing ASO Scores, Apple Search Ads Scores, and Ad Intelligence Scores obtained from MobileAction’s extensive dataset.

This in-depth analysis has been made possible through MobileAction’s offerings, including Apple Search Ads campaign management and comprehensive app store marketing intelligence. Our platform actively tracks over 5 million keywords, providing invaluable insights, and boasts a library of 69+ million ad creatives from 50+ ad networks globally. These impactful features strengthen our analyses by tapping into a wealth of data from diverse apps and creative strategies, ensuring a comprehensive and insightful examination of the advertising landscape within the health & fitness app industry.