MobileAction is delighted to introduce the Top 10 Shopping Apps by User Acquisition Performance, recognizing the highest mobile visibility scores within the US market across paid and organic channels. 

Nike stands out as the leading shopping app with their exceptional Apple Search Ads score. This score can be attributed to their comprehensive keyword pool for search result ads, well-designed custom product pages, and effective Search tab ads. Coming second, a leading e-commerce app, OfferUp, had the most significant number of creatives deployed and high impression scores. Walmart, rounding out the top 5,  had the highest organic visibility score. They maintain an impressive organic keyword portfolio, with over 80% of their keywords securing positions within the top 30. 

It’s worth noting that Ralph Lauren, a renowned retail brand, serves as a unique case in the mobile app industry with 44 live ad creatives, ranking on over 2,000 organic keywords, and impression share from over 3,700 paid keywords.

Here are highlights that demonstrate how the top 5 managed to outperform others:


  • Nike demonstrates a strong approach to their organic strategy, ranking on over  7,400 organic search keywords. Notably, they maintain top-30 rankings for over 80% of these keywords, ensuring their visibility in app stores. Nike excels in ranking for a diverse array of keywords, including brand keywords, generic terms, and even competitors’ brand keywords. 
  • Transitioning to their Apple Search Ads presence, Nike’s search results placement includes over 1,800 keywords, including keywords that have a search visibility score of over 40, indicating that their ads are showing frequently.  Furthermore, they effectively utilize other Apple Search Ads by deploying custom product pages and display ads on the Search tab and product pages. Nike’s custom product pages deliver 60%+ of their Apple Search Ads & custom product page impressions. This multi-placement ad strategy, alongside their UA performance, contributes to their high Apple Search Ads score, as documented by MobileAction.
top 10 shopping apps
Custom product pages created by Nike
  • In terms of ad creatives, Nike has an impressive portfolio of 690 live ad creatives distributed through 100+ ad publishers in the US market, consistently generating a substantial number of impressions, surpassing the shopping category average.



  • OfferUp ranked over 3,000 keywords organically, with  75% of them in the top 30. What truly sets them apart is their ability to capture downloads from their competitors’ brand keywords, demonstrating their strategy for attracting a share of their competitors’ audience. 
top 10 shopping apps
ASO Report/Report by Ranking – OfferUp
  • For Apple Search Ads, OfferUp actively targets competitors’ brand keywords, which helps their performance on their organic keyword strategy for competitors. 



  • Chewy acquires organic downloads from competitors’ brand keywords, showcasing its ability to tap into a broader audience. 
  • In their Apple Search Ads strategy, Chewy’s paid keyword pool for search result ads includes over 2,000 keywords, with some scoring greater than 40, indicating their practical approach. They have the highest position as the top US-headquartered search result ads advertiser in the shopping category. Additionally, Chewy runs Today Tab ads to enhance its visibility further and attractdownloads.
top 10 shopping apps
Search result ads – Top Advertisers list 


  • Poshmark ranks organically for over 3,000 keywords, with a large portion in the top 30.
  • For their Apple Search Ads strategy, Poshmark actively bids on over 2,000  keywords for search result ads, targeting competitors’ brand keywords, further enhancing their reach. 
top 10 shopping apps
Search by App – Poshmark


  • Walmart’s marketing strategies stand out in several aspects. For ASO, they maintain organic rankings for over 4,500 keywords, with over 80% residing within the top 30 rankings, making them the leader in ASO score among the US shopping apps. 
top 10 shopping apps
ASO Report – Ranking Distribution Graph of Walmart
  • In their Apple Search Ads strategies, Walmart maintains a keyword pool of 1,500+ for search result ads, with an impressive 33 keywords possessing a search score exceeding 40, showcasing their effective investment in this keyword strategy. 

Discover the top-performing advertisers in the Shopping Category in the USA! From Nike’s impressive Apple Search Ads to OfferUp’s Ad Intelligence scores and Walmart’s stellar ASO, these insights are just the tip of the iceberg. Dive deep into the strategies that set them apart. 

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The ranking of top advertisers is determined by analyzing ASO Scores, Apple Search Ads Scores, and Ad Intelligence Scores obtained from MobileAction’s extensive dataset from Q3 2023.

This in-depth analysis has been made possible through MobileAction’s offerings, including Apple Search Ads campaign management and comprehensive app store marketing intelligence. Our platform actively tracks over 5 million keywords, providing invaluable insights, and boasts a library of 69+ million ad creatives from 50+ ad networks globally. These robust features empower our analyses by harnessing a wealth of data from various apps and creative strategies, ensuring a thorough and insightful examination of the retail app advertising landscape.