As we have improved our tools and added new features over time, some of our tools started to fall short in comparison to our newer and smarter tools.

As a result, we started to review our older tools to bump them up to the new standards.

Keyword Suggestions has been on our radar for quite a long time and we have finally revamped it to make it much smarter than ever!

What is New in MobileAction’s Keyword Suggestions Tool?

While being useful, the old version wasn’t the smartest and it wasn’t giving actionable insights.

We wanted the Keyword Suggestions to be truly suggestive. We needed to make sure that the data we were providing was actionable. We started working from that point.

The question was ‘how to make it smarter and more useful?’ and we believe that we have found the way to give our users the smartest keyword suggestions.

So, let’s have a look at what the ‘New Keyword Suggestions Tool‘ provides.

Keyword Suggestions is divided into two separate lists of keywords. Each list serves a different purpose and the way the suggestions are generated varies as well.

On the left side of the screen, you see the ‘Top Keywords’ section and on the right side you have the ‘Competitors Keywords’. Although the design is quite similar to the previous version, the data it presents is drastically different and smarter.

A basic overview of the Keyword Intelligence Tool

Historically, Keywords Suggestions would show you a list of your top rankings keywords and a short list of keywords that your potential competitors are using. Even though the older version was quite useful we felt the need to make it a true suggestions tool.

Top Keywords

The updated algorithm of Top Keywords shows you the keywords you are ranking between number 2 and 200. Furthermore, it also sorts them based on your rankings for those keywords and the Search Volume of those keywords. You will see the highest ranking and most popular keywords at the top of the list. This list will show you the keywords you are performing well on but might be able to improve.

By omitting the keywords you are ranking #1, the tool allows you to focus on keywords that you can actually improve on. For example, you might see a keyword that you are ranking as #2 which also happens to have a high search score. This can be a good signal for you to try to include that keyword in your App Title as you will rank even higher for that keyword.

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The Top Keywords section of Keyword Suggestions

That way you can have an easy way to see which keywords you should focus on a bit more and which ones have a greater potential for your ASO strategy.

Competitor Keywords

Well, the old Competitor Keywords was underperforming at best. It would show you the top 10 keywords that your 3 random competitors would rank for and that was pretty much it.

The new version, on the other hand, provides you with much more actionable insights to work on. After the update, the mobile app competitor keywords part will require you to track at least 2 competitors and will show you the top keywords they are ranking for in the top 50. More importantly, it will also omit keywords that you are already ranking for to give you more useful data.

The keywords will be listed based on their ranking, search score and the shared best-ranking keywords. This way you can see which keywords they are the best candidates for you to target.

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The Competitor Keywords section of Keyword Suggestions

That’s all we have in this post. We are actively revamping a number of other tools. No spoilers! But keep an eye out for updates on our side! Thank you for reading!