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Blog App User Acquisition Strategy & Guide
Buse Nacak
Creative assets are the main ingredients that app campaigns use to create ads. The first thing that attracts attention for anyone to download an...
Eylul Tolunguc
Amongst all games, casual games might be the easiest to love and get addicted to because of the simpler game-play and narratives they offer....
Eylul Tolunguc
In the cut-throat world of games, it is definitely challenging to get your ads to be seen everywhere. If you are on any social...
Mobile Action Team
Even if you might have made the best app, getting it to rise in the ranks of both app stores and stand out of...
Pinar Guler
Hyper-casual games have become the golden goose in the mobile game industry over the last couple of years. Although the committed fans of strategy...
Mobile Action Team
We’re excited to announce that our new feature cohort analysis for Search Ads is finally here! You can find this new feature on our...
Mobile Action Team
Step #1: Integrating your Apple Search Ads account with First go to the integration option Then open your account settings in a new...
Mobile Action Team
Every app developer is familiar with the fluctuations of downloads over the week. They can be frustrating when performing ASO and measuring its impacts....

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