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Elis Furtun
Top Charts from MobileAction Dashboard We all have a passion for exploring new places, especially now, as the summer season is getting closer. Travel...
Amir Ghodrati
With millions of people downloading Instagram’s new Threads app this week, the latest app to launch with similar features to Twitter, it serves as...
Amir Ghodrati
Bluesky is an invite-only in-beta social media network looking to enter a similar space as Twitter. While the app made news when it launched...
Elis Furtun
Love is in the air these days, right? The reason is simple: Valentine’s Day is getting closer every day. On the other hand, the...
Hazel Kucuk
Many companies consider paid user acquisition (UA) and app store optimization (ASO) as two separate teams with separate agendas, and mostly they are unaware...
Talip Sencan
In real life, Casinos use some simple but extremely effective tricks to pursue people in playing more. You can’t find clocks in Casinos. No...
Talip Sencan
Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. Or when to go shopping. The answer to the second...
Eren Ethem
You probably have already heard of the South Korean series: Squid Games. It was #1 in 90 different countries on Netflix back in September....

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