Blog How Ad Networks Can Find High-Quality Leads

How Ad Networks Can Find High-Quality Leads


In a market that is growing every day, it might be extremely challenging for Ad Networks to find the most profitable app developers to bring the advertisers and publishers together, all the while keeping track of what other Ad Networks are up to.

It is a constant struggle for ad networks to keep an eye on the competition and track the most successful advertisers at the same time. 

Truth is, there are millions of apps, which makes for millions of potential ad network users that Business Development Representative working for an Ad Network can reach out to. BDRs need to be selective and strategic in their approach. Simply reaching out to app developers to convince them to work with wouldn’t suffice. BDRs would have to figure out whether the lead they are after is depending on organic growth alone or supporting it with running ads.

But what is the trick to finding high-quality leads? One’s best bet here is using an Ad Intelligence tool.

How Ad Intelligence Can Help

What kind of information and figures do the ad networks require to build their strategies for being ahead of their competitors? Within Ad Intelligence there are a couple of features that would be helpful to Ad Networks.

For instance, MobileAction Ad Intelligence platform;

  • In the Campaign Analysis page, you can access all information about an app such as which Ad Networks they are using, the total number of apps they are currently publishing ads for the app, what countries they are running their ads in, and their creative counts & types.
campaign analysis
  • The apps that run the most ads can be found through Top App Publishers.

game casino top app publishers

top advertisers filtered

You can find in Ad Intelligence data points such as creative count, active creatives, top app publishers, ad networks and percentages, and the data coverage. MobileAction has 11M+ Creatives, 73K+ Publishers, and 118K+Advertisers in its database which is expanding fast and daily.

Let’s walk through the steps together to find the most profitable leads and how to get them to work with you.

Finding the Top App Publishers Running Ads

Let’s say that your KPI is to schedule at least 10 meetings with Game-Casino apps. First things first are finding high-quality leads. Once you have your leads, you need to be able to leave a good first impression on them and somehow convince them to start working with you. 

In this critical situation, you are in, you can just go to the Top App Publishers of Ad Intelligence and easily filter the list by choosing Game-Casino as the category. You might want to consider filtering countries depending on your geo as well. In this use case, we selected the United States.

top app publishers impression scores

To narrow down your search, and make spying on competitors easier, you can also filter by Ad Networks. In the list below, for example, you can see the apps and their developers AdMod is working with. 

top app publishers

Taking your research to the next level

top advertisers segments

You can do the same research on the app level. Just go over to the Top Advertisers page and use the filter settings to get specific search results. In the screenshot above, we have set our competitors as IronSource and AdMob and chose the United States for the country on Google Play Store. This way, we get the top apps in Game-Casino category that work with IronSource and Admob. And voila! Now, we have a list of high-quality leads to reach out to! You can get different lists by filtering out different scenarios you can make your search broader or narrow depending on your needs.

How to Find the Apps Having the Most Ads

top publishers

By going to Top Ad Publisher you can also get a different leads list. Here you can find out the apps that contain the most ads. You can again apply filters such as which app store and what country and sort by creative numbers or advertisers.

Now that you have a list of qualified leads that are working with your competitors, let’s go more in-depth about how to use them in your emails.

How to Impress the Leads

campaign analysis game casino

When we filter through the Top Advertisers list, we can go over the apps on the list individually to see their campaign analysis. In addition to the things we have mentioned earlier in the campaign analysis, you can also see the full list of Ad Networks the selected app is working with and the number of impression shares for each of the Ad Networks.


The main benefits Ad Networks can get by using Ad Intelligence are:

  • Discovering the top app publishers running in-app ads
  • Finding the publishers that use competitor Ad Networks
  • Finding apps containing the highest number of ads and being able to filter by competitors
  • Seeing detailed information about the apps you want to reach out through the Campaign Analysis page.

In the fast-paced, ever-growing world of app marketing, it is certainly a challenge to not only find leads but find good-quality leads. And give them the data to convince them to work with you. This is where Ad Intelligence plays a crucial role, if you are able to use it well through its different features and filter, it will literally hand you the data you need to reach out to highly-qualified leads.

We hope this blog post was helpful. The data is sourced from our Ad Intelligence. If you are curious to see more data regarding App publishers, Ad Networks, and Advertisers, schedule a demo with us.

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