Apple’s latest conference for developers, WWDC 2021, will have a great impact on the app marketing industry and mobile user acquisition. In this article, we wanted to dive into these updates and give you a short overview of the possible impacts in the app marketing world. 

App Store Optimization

First thing first, developers will finally be able to A/B test their product page, a feature which has been long awaited. Conversion rates are likely to be positively affected by this development as it will allow app publishers to more effectively connect with potential users. Using up to three different product pages, users will be able to try different combinations of icons, screenshots and previews. App Store Optimization will likely be more intricate and powerful after these updates.

Paid User Acquisition

The announcements in the Apple Event 2021 are not limited to App Store Optimization. Paid user acquisition strategies will also receive some benefits. Just as the Creative Sets in Apple Search Ads, now product pages will be customized according to advertising campaigns the user came from. Is someone looking to book a hotel? Show them screenshots of the hotel booking interface. Or did someone click on a female shirt? Simply show them female clothing apparel on your product page. 

Developers will be able to create up to 35 different custom product pages tailored to the needs of their audience. Metrics such as conversion rates, impressions and installs will be monitored by app marketers, allowing them to develop their strategy. It will be exciting to monitor the implications of these updates on acquisition costs and conversion rates.

On the Apple Search Ads side, this has great implications as well. With up to 35 different product pages, optimization will become even more important. Acquisition costs will differ with the match between keywords and product pages, pushing app marketers to find the most profitable alternatives. Campaign Management tools such as will become more central to managing and scaling campaigns. 

It is also likely that the number of apps using Apple Search Ads will increase. Due to custom product pages and the potential rise of conversion rates, competition will increase in this user acquisition channel. Additionally, with the deprecation of IDFA, app marketers who were already looking for cheaper acquisition costs will have additional motive to use Apple Search Ads thanks to personalized ads and product pages.

App Analytics

Last but not least concerning mobile user acquisition, Apple also announced their new App Analytics. Critical user engagement data will be provided by Apple, such as active users, retention rates and sales per paying user. All of this will allow for the fine-tuning of mobile advertising campaigns, making them more effective.

MobileAction will keep empowering users to grow their business and reach success through these changes following WWDC2021. If you would like to experience our data-driven approach to app growth, schedule a demo with us today, and do not miss out on your true potential!