– View all creatives displayed within a selected app as part of its ad publishing business. 

– Identify the various ad networks’ SDKs integrated to surface creatives from their networks.  

– See metrics like impressions and clicks for each individual creative placement. 

– Discover which advertiser’s apps are running campaigns through the publisher’s inventory.  

– Track metrics over time like monthly/weekly impressions and eCPM trends. 

– Drill down into advertiser and creative details to analyze performance factors. 

This comprehensive data allows mobile marketers to: 

– Benchmark fill rates, eCPM rates and other KPIs against top publishers. 

– Determine highest value ad networks and creative formats to prioritize integrations.  

– Understand how comparable apps maximize inventory monetization strategies.   

– Experiment with new publisher features or advertiser verticals based on proven successes. 

By learning from top publishers’ analytics, marketers can strengthen their apps’ monetization potential through optimized inventory strategies.