– Analyze campaigns, metrics, and strategies across all apps and creatives for a selected advertiser.  

– Gain insights into ad network distribution to see where they focus user acquisition spending. 

– View country and language distribution to understand target audiences.  

– Analyze media type performance (display, search, social, etc.) to benchmark channel effectiveness.  

– Evaluate media resolution strategies (tablet, mobile, desktop, etc.) and optimize accordingly.  

– View all creatives used along with related creatives to analyze creative testing tactics.  

– Track metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR, spend over time to identify trends. 

Having this comprehensive view of an advertiser’s full marketing efforts enables mobile marketers to: 

– Benchmark against proven strategies driving scale for major advertisers.  

– Identify overlooked channels or undervalued creatives as new potential opportunities.  

– Adjust own multi-app, multi-country acquisition approach based on tested successes. 

– Fine-tune creative testing process informed by direct competitor experimentation learnings. 

Armed with these actionable competitive insights, marketers can strengthen user acquisition performance.