Android App Links is a feature introduced by Google for Android devices that allows mobile apps to associate themselves with specific web URLs. With Android App Links, when a user clicks on a link that matches the defined App Link, it will directly open the associated app instead of redirecting to a website. 

Key points 

  1. Deep Linking: Android App Links enable deep linking, which means that when a user clicks on a web URL that has an associated app, the user is taken directly to the relevant content within the app, bypassing the need to go through a website. 
  2. Seamless User Experience: Android App Links provide a seamless user experience by connecting the app and web content. Users can transition between the web and the app effortlessly, enhancing engagement and improving the overall user journey. 
  3. Intent Filters: To enable Android App Links, app developers define intent filters in their app’s manifest file. These filters specify the URLs that the app can handle and associate with, ensuring that the app is launched when a matching link is clicked. 
  4. Automatic Verification: Android devices automatically verify the association between an app and its corresponding App Links. This verification process ensures that the app is the default handler for the specified URLs, providing a secure and reliable experience for users. 
  5. Fallback URLs: In cases where the associated app is not installed on a user’s device, Android App Links can be configured with fallback URLs. These fallback URLs redirect users to a website or an alternative content source, allowing for a seamless transition in such scenarios. 
  6. Asset Links: Android App Links utilize Asset Links, a digital asset verification system, to establish the association between app and web URLs securely. Asset Links use digital certificates to verify the ownership and authenticity of the app and the website, ensuring a trusted connection. 

Android App Links offer a convenient way for developers to connect their apps with web content, delivering a seamless user experience and improving engagement. By enabling deep linking, Android App Links enhance the integration between apps and the web, providing users with a more streamlined and personalized experience.