The App Profile provides valuable performance metrics to help marketers optimize their app, including: 

– Daily/monthly download trends over time to benchmark growth and set goals 

– Revenue insights to analyze monetization strategies and ROI of campaigns  

– Retention rates to gauge lifetime user value and identify friction points  

– Country/category breakdowns to guide localization and segmentation  

– Benchmarking against competitors for key metrics like LTV 

Marketers can leverage App Profile insights to: 

– Inform testing of new features, pricing models or marketing tests 

– Detect seasonal or event-related fluctuation opportunities   

– Identify underperforming geos or user segments for improvement 

– Track initiatives and ROI of new user acquisition channels  

– Set KPI alerts to monitor for organic test learning opportunities 

By continuously tracking an app’s Profile over time, marketers gain visibility into areas requiring refinement to maximize long term organic growth and retention.