The Creative Asset Hub allows marketers to closely analyze creative assets like screenshots, icons and more from competitor apps. This provides valuable insights for optimizing visual content. 

Key capabilities include: 

– Browse a vast library of real app assets filtered by category, platform, country and more. 

– Deep dive into individual apps to inspect all uploaded creative elements. 

– Observe presentation trends across metadata like common screenshot layouts. 

– Identify which asset types tend to resonate most for certain genres. 

– Get localized perspective by viewing assets targeted towards different regions.  

Armed with these comparative creative analytics, marketers can ensure their own asset strategy leverages proven techniques. They tailor visuals according to demonstrated successes in their category and target markets. 

By spotting patterns in high-converting creative treatments, mobile teams confidently produce showcase assets that motivate desired user actions. They avoid wasting efforts on non-performing trends as revealed through this pioneering Hub.