– Provides a comprehensive overview of all apps published by a selected developer. 

– Shows metrics like total downloads, revenue, ratings for each app. 

– Displays key details like app name, category, platform, monetization type. 

– Tracks ranking performance history and keyword portfolios for top apps.  

– Analyzes geographic, category and revenue distribution trends. 

– Identifies highest performing apps and common successful elements. 

With these aggregates and breakdowns, marketers can: 

– Benchmark portfolio strategy, diversification approach against leading devs.   

– Analyze app types and categories most correlated with revenue/growth. 

– Identify underserved categories or platforms as new expansion potentials. 

– Adapt successful elements observed across top-performing competitor apps. 

– Forecast likely moves based on studied developer’s wider strategic patterns. 

The all-encompassing profile equips marketers to strengthen own game plans by learning from proven multi-app developer tactics driving continuous business growth.