The Keyword Explorer allows marketers to deeply analyze any keyword of interest to determine its optimization viability. 

By entering a keyword, it provides: 

– Chance score estimating the term’s difficulty based on competition. 

– Total number of apps already ranking to set expectations.   

– Breakout of top ranking apps by name. 

It then reveals critical ranking metrics like: 

– Paid vs organic impression share distribution over time. 

– Categories, ranking positions and average ratings of top apps.   

– Download and revenue estimates for high performers. 

Marketers gain essential context on real competitor rankings and search patterns for the term beyond just suggestion lists. 

The high-level market insights enable data-backed decisions on an keyword’s profit potential before expending budget.  

Key elements like categories present and average ratings also guide app feature and monetization tweaks for better alignment. 

By fully leveraging this Explorer, mobile teams can qualify new keyword opportunities with confidence and continuously refine existing strategy based on the latest competitive ranking intelligence.