The Keyword Intelligence tool equips marketers with granular ranked keyword performance data. For each term an app currently ranks for, it provides: 

– The average positioning across platforms like Google Play and App Store.  

– Estimated monthly organic downloads driven specifically by that keyword. 

– The percentage of all organic downloads attributed to the keyword. 

This ranking-driven breakdown reveals the top converting keywords actually propelling organic installation volume. 

It identifies an app’s keyword “power ranks” – the terms with highest intent and conversions that should remain optimized.  

Marketers can also view competitors’ detailed download attribution. This benchmarking spots opportunities to outperform peers keyword-to-keyword. 

The granular attribution insights complement traditional keyword search and history data found in ASO tools.  

It enables data-backed decisions on adjusting or adding new keyword strategies based directly on proven installation generating performance, rather than guesswork or vanity metrics alone.  

Leveraging Keyword Intelligence optimizes ranking efforts towards the precise low-hanging fruit terms with strongest ROI.