The Keyword Optimization tool in ASO Intelligence allows mobile marketers to strategically test and optimize their app’s ranking for key search terms. Through A/B testing directly in the platform, marketers can experiment with different permutations of their metadata – including app titles, descriptions and keywords.  

Some ways they can optimize include: 

– Altering the order and focus of keywords in the title/description by moving higher intent keywords closer to the front.  

– Swapping synonyms or related keywords to see which drive better performance.  

– Adjusting the number of keywords used by adding/removing longer tail keywords. 

– Checking for opportunities to naturally work targeted keywords into the title or description text itself. 

By quick testing various keyword combinations, marketers can determine the precise metadata mix that maximizes their search performance and propels them up the rankings. The tool instantly analyzes ranking changes so they know what tweaks are most effective. 

Rather than guesswork, this data-driven keyword optimization approach empowers marketers to confidently improve their searchability through ongoing A/B testing informed by real usage patterns. It helps command a top spot in search for best-converting keywords.