The Keyword Suggestion tool arms marketers with actionable opportunities for improving their organic search rankings. It analyzes competitors’ metadata and top ranking keywords to surface relevant suggestions tailored to each user’s apps. 

Some key advantages include: 

– Suggests keywords competitors outrank for that have high search scores and tendency to drive installs.  

– Calculates granular “search score” based on volume and CTR predictions. 

– Provides “chance score” estimating likelihood of success targeting each term. 

– Compares scores and total ranking apps for each suggested keyword. 

– Auto-populates relevant keywords based on category, rating or other app details without user input. 

– Constantly updated based on latest market changes and new app uploads. 

Armed with these custom, data-driven keyword ideas marketers can confidently expand their targetable keyword portfolio. They efficiently plug gaps compared to top peers by incorporating the highest intent, easiest to achieve keywords. This maximizes the potential to gain or maintain a top search placement through continuous optimization.