The Keyword Trends tracker provides invaluable insight into dynamic search patterns. It presents curated lists of keywords currently experiencing growth or decline based on popularity scores.  

By comparing present vs past historic popularity levels, marketers can quickly identify: 

– Up-trending terms benefiting from new interest to target pre-emptively  

– Down-trending terms to potentially deprioritize or replace  

Selecting individual keywords allows deeper trend analysis through the Keyword Analysis feature: 

– Popularity scores visualized over daily, weekly and monthly timeframes  

– Identification of seasonal fluctuations that signify relevancy cycles 

– Top 3 apps ranking for each keyword organically and via paid ads 

Armed with these prescriptive trend signals, mobile marketers can stay one step ahead of shifts in search demand. They proactively work promising new keywords into strategy or refocus resources according more lucrative opportunities. 

By understanding longer term cyclical changes too, they ensure listings are optimized throughout every season for consistent engagement year-round.