The Localization feature provides mobile marketers with crucial localization analytics to maximize an app’s global reach.  

It shows which countries/languages have Title, Subtitle, Description and other metadata translated already. This indicates where discovery may be limited without translation. 

Metrics like estimated downloads and percentage of traffic by country make it easy to identify the most prominent localized and non-localized markets. 

Digging into worldwide and country-level keyword rankings over time surfaces: 

– Which localized elements drive the strongest uplift in visibility and search performance. 

– Seasonal ranking fluctuations that may point to areas requiring reinforcement. 

Drill-downs to individual keywords’ global and localized positions offer localization ROI benchmarking.  

These insights empower data-driven localization expansion decisions like selecting the most impactful next target country and elements to focus. 

By leveraging localization analytics, marketers can prioritize their translation efforts towards the highest potential markets and assets proven to boost discoverability the most.