The Search Ads Visibility Score provides specific insights into an app’s investments and visibility generated through paid search campaigns by: 

– Benchmarking competitors’ search ad spending intensities on keywords  

– Identifying under-promoted keywords with strong organic potential  

– Tracking changes in search emphasis as strategies evolve over time 

– Analyzing seasonality, geographies or device preferences affecting scores 

– Informing search campaign budget optimization tests  

– Guiding keyword, match type or ads format experimentation 

– Comparing scores pre- and post- campaign changes   

By routinely monitoring Search Ads Visibility Scores, marketers gain valuable indicators of: 

– Keyword monetization efficiencies of top performers 

– Emerging gaps in rivals’ paid tactics  

– Opportunities to reinforce organic gains through synergistic paid strategies 

Over time, well-informed adjustments maximize the returns of high-intent, high-visibility paid user acquisition flows.