The Search Popularity Score metric provides valuable insights into keyword search demand by quantifying: 

– Search volume levels, giving context to opportunity sizes 

– Seasonal/regional fluctuations that impact discoverability  

– Changes in consumer interests and intent over time   

– Spikes from new device launches or content updates 

– Comparative popularity between high-level categories 

Some ways marketers can leverage these insights include: 

– Evaluating volume potentials before prioritizing investment  

– Optimizing contextual relevance of keywords 

– Anticipating shifts from disruptions like algorithm changes   

– Aligning launch timing with seasonal search spikes 

– Piloting new keywords capturing emerging interests 

By tracking Popularity Scores over time, app marketers gain foresight into user search behaviors. This knowledge refines SEO strategies tuned to maximize the organic returns from high search volume, high intent terms most aligned with goals.