The Store Management page in MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence tool allows mobile marketers to carefully optimize their app listings across key stores like Google Play and the App Store. Through the tool, marketers can upload their existing app metadata like the title, description, keywords and screenshots. They then gain valuable insights into how well each element converts users or impacts key metrics like installs and organic traffic.  

Marketers can do A/B testing of different metadata combinations directly in the tool to see what performs best. They can easily swap out titles, descriptions and other fields to test multiple variations. After identifying the highest performing version, marketers can then with one-click export all of the optimized metadata directly to the relevant stores like Google Play and App Store. This streamlines the entire optimization and deployment process.  

By leveraging Store Management, mobile teams save countless hours writing, testing and manually updating app listings. They gain actionable recommendations for improving store page elements based on real usage data. Most importantly, they can confidently push optimized metadata live knowing it has already proven to generate better results for key metrics like installs and organic downloads.