The “Today” page in the App Store refers to a section within the App Store where Apple highlights and promotes selected apps, games, or other content on a daily basis. It serves as a curated showcase of featured apps, providing users with recommendations and insights into notable apps and their developers. 

The Today page is designed to help users discover new and interesting apps, explore app categories, and stay up to date with the latest trends in the app ecosystem. It typically includes a mix of app spotlights, app collections, app stories, interviews with developers, and other editorial content. 

The content on the Today page is curated by Apple’s App Store editorial team, who handpick apps based on various criteria such as quality, innovation, user experience, or relevance to current events or trends. The goal is to provide users with a curated selection of apps that offer unique experiences, showcase new features or technologies, or have received critical acclaim. 

The Today page can be accessed directly from the App Store’s main interface, usually through a prominent tab or section. It allows users to browse through the featured content, read app descriptions, view screenshots or videos, and directly download or purchase the highlighted apps. 

For app developers, being featured on the Today page can provide significant visibility and exposure to a wide audience of App Store users. It can help drive app downloads, increase user engagement, and potentially lead to increased visibility and success in the app marketplace. 

Overall, the Today page in the Apple App Store serves as a platform for Apple to highlight noteworthy apps, promote discovery, and provide users with a curated experience that goes beyond the standard app listings.