– Provides a ranked list of the highest revenue generating ad publishers overall or within filters.   

– Allows filtering by category, country, and ad network to focus on most relevant competitors. 

– Shows key metrics like monthly ad revenue, eCPM, fill rates for each publisher. 

– Performance metrics broken out by individual ad networks for apples-to-apples comparison.  

-Publisher portfolio size indicated by number of campaigns/creatives hosted. 

Armed with these publisher leaderboards and performance data, marketers can: 

– Identify the most in-demand inventory assets saturating their categories. 

– Benchmark monetization strategies and ad integration approaches against top earners. 

– Qualify new ad networks and markets based on proven high eCPM publishers. 

– Detect category/regional audience monetization preferences indicated by publisher rankings.  

– Prioritize top performing ad formats and placement tactics for testing. 

The insights empower confident optimization of own apps’ demand-filling and monetization potential through competitive analytical learnings.