MobileAction has two different types of Top Advertisers features.  

Top Advertisers feature of the Ad Intelligence tool:  

– Provides a ranked list of the biggest spending app advertisers overall or within filters. 

– Allows filtering by category, country, ad network and store to focus on relevant competitors.  

– Shows metrics like ad spend, impressions served, clicks and CPI for each.  

– Performance tracked over daily, weekly and monthly timeframes. 

Armed with these advertising leaderboards and tendency insights, marketers can: 

– Identify the most aggressive direct competitors bidding on similar keywords/inventory. 

– Benchmark own spending habits against most successful acquisition approaches.  

– Adjust bidding/budgeting based on proven tactics of category advertising dominators.  

– Detect industry/niche purchasing patterns indicative of upcoming trends. 

– Qualify new ad networks/channels generating scale for heavyweight advocates. 

By understanding the investing behaviors driving advertising leaders’ continuous growth, marketers can strengthen user acquisition strategies through data-validated decisions. 

Top Advertisers feature of the SearchAds Intelligence tool:  

The Top Advertisers feature allows you to identify the biggest spenders by country and category to benchmark against dominant players and competitors influencing your industry. 

Some ways it provides strategic insights: 

– Recognizing expansion opportunities in new categories/countries leaders prioritize 

– Analyzing portfolio or regional budget allocation strategies of category kings  

– Detecting seasonal emphasis adjustments that reveal gaps to potentially fill  

– Comparing ROI metrics like CTR to optimize ad formats and monetization  

– Gaining understanding of category priorities to sharpen own value propositions 

By continuously tracking shifting priorities of leaders, refinement of competitive intelligence keeps strategic planning aligned with proven approaches driving organic growth at its best.