Consumer Acquisition Produces over 100,000 Creatives Per Year

Company Background

Founded in 2013, Consumer Acquisition is a technology-enabled marketing services company and creative studio providing end-to-end, results-driven creative storytelling, integrated user acquisition, and creative optimization. Consumer Acquisition has managed over $3.5 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers including Disney, Zynga, Rovio, Nickelodeon, Yelp, Sun Basket, NBA, MLB, Roblox, Glu Mobile, Jam City, and many others. Consumer Acquisition was acquired by digital marketing agency Brainlabs in December, 2021.

Consumer Acquisition is a leading app marketing agency in North America and has been a valuable partner of MobileActionsince 2019.


The Challenge


Make creative research more efficient when producing 100K creatives per year and managing $150M in monthly ad spend across Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search Ads

Based on Consumer Acquisition’s research, including 25K A/B and multivariate tests across social networks, 85-95% of new creative concepts will fail to outperform the best ad in a portfolio. An average of thirty new ad concepts are required to yield a new winner and that winner will only last about ten weeks before creative fatigue sets in.

The sheer scale of ad creative Consumer Acquisition produces—along with challenges from IDFA loss and Google’s impending Privacy Sandbox—meant efficiencies were critical for every stage of the creative process. Consumer Acquisition needed accurate and up-to-date creative insights and competitive analysis across mobile app categories to manage their clients’ multi-million dollar advertising budgets efficiently.


The Solution: Consumer Acquisition leverages MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence for their proprietary software solution


Consumer Acquisition’s fully distributed global team works with clients through AdRules, providing real-time dashboards for media buying and ad creative, along with in-depth testing results to quickly adjust and maximize performance. MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence integrates with AdRules to provide clients creative insights and competitive analysis.

Based on company, category, or specific app, teams can see who is dominating the ad ecosystem and what creative trends users are engaging with to make smarter decisions with their time and budget. Using MobileAction’s creative database, Consumer Acquisition can segment by ad network, location, and more, to monitor and analyze ad creative live in the market and inform creative development strategies.

As a company that consistently builds profitable creative strategies, understanding creative trends was critical for Consumer Acquisition.

Brian Bowman

“We pride ourselves on providing metrics-driven ad creative for our clients. We test our creative assumptions and if a concept doesn’t perform, we move on quickly and find the one that does. Creative trends are like fashion— they keep changing and going in and out of style. Daily insights from MobileAction’s creative database help us target trends across genres and uncover efficiencies that are invaluable for us and our clients.”

The Result: Better Insights, Better Performance

Through competitive analysis possible with MobileAction’s creative database, Consumer Acquisition identifies creative trends across categories to build on what’s working.

With access to an endless supply of creative concepts live in the wild, Consumer Acquisition reduces ad failure rates while evolving with trends. Consumer Acquisition can now stay ahead of the competition by continuously analyzing the mobile ad ecosystem and adapting their strategy accordingly.

Creative trends strategically paired with user motivations are the cornerstone of Consumer Acquisition’s proprietary Ad Concept Model, a method used with their clients such as Zynga, Rovio, and Bumble. The Ad Concept Model is a proven method to ensure ad creative aligns with a target audience and track progress through evolving creative concepts.

By integrating MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence with AdRules, Consumer Acquisition also increased operational efficiency and collaboration across creative and user acquisition teams, efficiently aligning creative development with UA goals. Business Intelligence provided by MobileAction also informs many industry reports from the Consumer Acquisition team, being an invaluable asset in their journey to becoming one of the most successful app marketing agencies in the world.

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