Faladdin Decreases Ad CPIs by 36% with MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence

The Result

Decrease in CPI in U.S market


CTR Increase in Facebook


Decrease in CPI in Saudi Arabia market

Company Background

Vision Technology has two major brands: Faladdin and Binnaz, both having millions of users from all around the world.

Faladdin is an AI-powered Fortune-telling & Astrology App from Istanbul, Turkey. The app has managed to rise to 19th place in the Lifestyle category in the U.S. market of the App Store in May 2021. Faladdin is free and currently available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic with over 5 million monthly active users and 25 million total users from 112 countries.

Faladdin takes pride in being the first app that combines Turkish fortune-telling tradition and technology. The fortune-telling process for users is fully automated with deep learning technology enhanced with ancient knowledge of mystical disciplines such as Tarot, Astrology, Clairvoyance, and Coffee Cup reading.

Faladdin has been using MobileAction’s full platform to expand its user base and make its world-class technology more available for millions of users.

The Challenge: Differentiating Ad Creatives for Multiple Locations

Iterating on the new concepts in creative testing processes was a challenge for Faladdin until January 2021. They had an expanding product range, and there were also new products to be added in the coming period

Previously, they’ve created concepts on the coffee cup reading, which is their main product in the Turkish market, and they wanted to highlight it. However, globally, the US, EMEA, and LATAM have become very important markets for them.

They spent a lot of effort to localize their products in these markets. And they needed different creative content such as horoscope and tarot that are related to different products. As Faladdin had unique offerings, the UA team had to find a way to effectively communicate it with the creatives and differentiate their products from the competition.

And of course, they had a KPI to decrease their CPIs while increasing CTRs and CRs in all markets for the first quarter of 2021.

The Solution: Analyzing Competitors’ Creatives & Outshining Them with Ad Intelligence

Faladdin used MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence solution to examine their competitors’ creatives in different locations. They leveraged the Top Creatives & Creative Collection features, where they were able to see all the creatives from their competitors and make a collection of the well-performing ones.

Faladdin’s Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Mert Çamur says:

“MobileAction’s Top Creatives and Creative Collection features were a great advantage for us during this creative iteration process. It is an important tool for creative benchmarking. The filtering options are pretty advanced. OS, country, and network breakdown provide useful details. You can also filter the app names and media formats and see how many days a creative has been launched on which networks. We mostly used these features to differentiate because Faladdin is a love brand!”

Using the creative database of Ad Intelligence, the UA team managed to position Faladdin’s differentiating product by analyzing their competitors’ creatives in each network and country. They were able to speed up the A/B testing processes and managed to test more creatives in a shorter period of time thanks to insights they collected with Ad Intelligence.

The team was able to detect which product works better and which creatives are performing best for each product. While doing that, they were also able to follow the latest trends in the UA space, by keeping an eye on the Top App Publishers on the dashboard.

Mert Çamur
Senior Performance Marketing Manager

“Using MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence, we were able to differentiate our ad creatives and managed to decrease our CPI by 18 – 36% in our target countries while increasing CTRs & CRs.”

The Result:

After a series of A/B testing and iteration on different creative concepts, Faladdin successfully differentiated their creatives for different networks and countries.

With their new differentiation strategy backed by MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence, Faladdin was able to decrease CPI by 18% in the U.S. and 36% in Saudi Arabia. They’ve also managed to increase their network-based CTRs and CRs and retain their user base. The team reported that there was a 0.4 and 0.59 CTR increase in Facebook and Snapchat respectively.

The increases in CTRs and CRs made their operations more profitable, contributing to the company’s overall KPIs.

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