Maximizer's 200% D1 ROAS surge with MobileAction's Ad Intelligence

The Result

surge in D1 ROAS in APAC

Maximizer, an agency specializing in global marketing for the gaming and entertainment sectors, aims to identify growth opportunities in international markets by formulating targeted expansion strategies tailored to local consumer preferences and regulations. Christina Borm, the Growth Marketer at Maximizer, defined her main goals as optimizing the customer journey to enhance conversion rates and managing various channels. One of their primary challenges is reducing the time and effort required for creative research and optimization. To address this, they partnered with MobileAction.

The Challenge

In the environment of their startup journey, Christina described the team’s dynamics as highly collaborative, with each member playing a vital role in managing their time effectively and maximizing resources. “Before partnering with MobileAction, we devoted a considerable amount of time and effort to creative research. Crafting creatives for various channels like social media or SDKs, and staying informed of competitors’ activities, was challenging and time-consuming for our team,” Christina explained. 

They eventually recognized that their creative research and analysis took far more time than desired, making the process inefficient and leaving little time for other tasks. This realization led them to partner with MobileAction to streamline their operations.

The Solution

Based on numerous recommendations whilst conducting their market research, the Maximizer team explored MobileAction’s capabilities. Their primary objective was to streamline the creative process with MobileAction, identifying high-performing assets to lower CPI and enhance their clients’ ROI. Utilizing MobileAction’s Ad Intelligence, they pinpointed creatives by impression share and first-seen filters across different channels and regions.

In their creative analysis, they employed the “Creative Analysis” tool to detect trends across regions and categories, gaining insights into an ad creative’s lifecycle, distribution, ad networks, duration, and more. The “Advertiser Analysis” provided deeper insights into app-specific ad networks. Furthermore, they utilized “Top Creatives” and “Top Advertisers” within Ad Intelligence for efficient competitor research and trend spotting, streamlining their creative development process.

The Customer Success team of MobileAction helped them to understand the tool to be able to benefit it as much as possible. Maximizer stated that their customer success manager was there whenever they needed to provide them insights into the industry. Christina said, “The team’s responsiveness and expertise have consistently exceeded our expectations, making MobileAction an invaluable asset to our operations.”

Christina Borm
Growth Marketer

“The impact of MobileAction on our team is undeniable, leading to a positive shift in how we allocate our time. MobileAction has made our creative efforts more flexible, strategic, and in tune with the dynamic needs of our industry. They are more than an optimization tool for us, but they have become a guide that helps us be more responsive and innovative in developing our projects.”

The Result

After adopting MobileAction, the Maximizer team has undergone significant changes. Internally, they streamlined the creative process, leading to increased satisfaction among team members, reducing the time spent on their daily tasks and leaving more time for strategizing and optimization. 

Externally, they witnessed noticeable improvements. Previously, their creative planning was based on internal data. However, with MobileAction, they started to collect insight on competitors’ creative strategies and also on the industry trends. Leveraging insights from MobileAction’s ad library of 79+ million creatives with an average of 400.000 new creatives added per week, they achieved over 200% D1 ROAS in specific Asian regions. 

Christina defined the process as “Since then, things have changed significantly. We’ve cut down the time we used to spend on creative research. This not only gives us more room to create a variety of creatives but also sparks a major improvement in how we approach developing our content.” 

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