How SPARKFUL increased its app rankings for 260 keywords in 11 days

The Result

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SPARKFUL (formerly known as Fourdesire) is an independent development team based in Taiwan with a global user audience in Health & Fitness, Productivity and Finance. Their Marketing Director, Cara Huang, explains that their primary goal is to turn everyday habits into enjoyable activities. SPARKFUL’s key objective was to rapidly adapt to the varied search preferences of users in different regions and languages to enhance user experience across countries. Simultaneously, they also focused on streamlining their time and resource allocation. To address these challenges, they entered into a strategic partnership with MobileAction.

The Challenge

SPARKFUL has over 30 million users worldwide, reaching audiences with different languages and cultures. This diversity, while highlighting the app’s widespread appeal, introduces complexities in adapting the app for varied search preferences across different regions and languages. With a significant user base in North America and Europe, overcoming regional market challenges is key for them. Cara defined their struggle as “Our company is dedicated to improving user experience in various countries, and this requires an extensive approach to localization.” This involves identifying new keywords relevant to different marketplaces and adapting their apps to connect with users in their own languages. It also involves efficient time and resource management, along with a thorough analysis of competitors and similar apps. These strategies are essential in determining when and how resources should be allocated for successful optimization.

The Solution

After a period of exploring various ASO tools, discovering MobileAction and utilizing its offerings emerged as a game-changer. MobileAction has significantly improved SPARKFUL’s approach to market-specific localization, providing solutions to their main challenges. 

“By utilizing the Keywords Intelligence tool, the team could accurately estimate organic download rates for specific keywords,” said Cara. They also gained access to crucial metrics from MobileAction, such as Search Score and Relevancy Score. These metrics provided insightful details on the likely performance of a keyword. These have helped them create a balanced keyword strategy that targets both high-traffic and niche long-tail keywords while also reducing operation time. They have refined their app’s market presence, thereby enhancing global user engagement.

With MobileAction’s ASO Intelligence tools, such as Localization, Visibility Report, ASO Report, and Keyword Translator, SPARKFUL started to target high-value generic keywords in different markets. SPARKFUL also benefited from MobileAction’s customer success team, which guided them through the product and helped them apply the most beneficial strategy for their ASO practices. Cara stated, “The customer service provided by MobileAction stands out as exceptional. The continuous evolution of the tool, with regular updates and new features, is well-communicated by our proactive account manager. This support goes beyond the tool’s capabilities, adding value to our partnership.”

When all these elements came together, it resulted in effectively bridging the regional divide and organically engaging with the diverse international audience.

Cara Huang
Marketing Director

“Having used MobileAction, we’ve seen its ongoing enhancements. The integration with Search Ads, detailed and clear reporting, and the competitor comparison map view became game-changers in our strategy. We are eager to unlock further the potential of MobileAction’s tools, which have been instrumental in our growth and optimization. Its tools and insights make it an invaluable asset for any app marketer looking to scale their growth. I strongly recommend MobileAction for its comprehensive approach to app marketing.”

The Result

One of their applications, Plant Nanny Cute Water Tracker, listed in the US storefront on the App Store, began ranking for 1,114 new keywords and saw an increase in rankings for 260 keywords. It also secured rankings in the top 20 for 144 keywords organically in just a month and is currently available in 84 countries.

Having utilized MobileAction, SPARKFUL has witnessed significant improvements and growth in their ASO performance. The process of analyzing competitors has become more straightforward, allowing them to identify strong and appropriate keywords for their strategy. Adapting them to new markets was one of their primary challenges. Currently, their apps are active in more than 80 countries, boasting high visibility scores and are poised for expansion.

“MobileAction’s continuous enhancements, the integration with Apple Search Ads, detailed and transparent reporting, and the competitor comparison map view have been crucial in our strategy. We are keen to leverage MobileAction’s tools fully,” said Cara Huang, endorsing the product and services provided.

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