Vyro's 40% ROAS Jump and 150% Keyword Growth with MobileAction's Solutions

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Increase in ranked keywords


Increase in ROAS


Improved ROI within a month

Vyro, established in 2019, is a leader in AI photo and video apps, combining technology with creativity. Their flagship app, “Imagine: AI Art Generator,“ embodies this blend, enabling users to create images through AI-powered text-to-image technology. Yet, as the mobile app market grew increasingly competitive, Vyro faced significant challenges in gaining the visibility it deserved. Shawal Fida, Product Manager at Vyro, shared their experience and how MobileAction helped them overcome the challenges.

Challenge: Overcoming Market Visibility Challenges

Before partnering with MobileAction, Vyro faced challenges in effectively marketing “Imagine: AI Art Generator” through Apple Search Ads. Despite their confidence in the app’s quality, making it stand out in a crowded market was daunting. Their initial App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts were well-intentioned but lacked the strategic depth for impact. “Keyword targeting was more guesswork than strategy, leading to missed opportunities,” says Shawal, reflecting on their initial struggles.

Solution: Turning the Tide with Automations and Stronger ASO

Choosing MobileAction was a pivotal decision for Vyro. This collaboration provided them with comprehensive insights into market trends and keyword dynamics, which is essential for fine-tuning their strategies. MobileAction’s integration of ASO Intelligence and proved invaluable. “The introduction of Automations was a game changer for us,” explains Shawal. “It allowed our campaigns to dynamically adapt to market changes, significantly enhancing our efficiency and reducing the need for constant manual oversight.” This feature was particularly transformative, marking a new era in how Vyro managed its app marketing strategy.

Shawal Fida
Product Manager

“Our journey with MobileAction at, especially with our “Imagine: AI Art Generator” app, has been a revelation. Integrating ASO with’s Automations fundamentally changed our strategy, making our campaigns more precise and effective. The 40% increase in ROAS and 30% improvement in ROI are a testament to the power of MobileAction’s platform. For those in the app space aiming for growth, MobileAction is an indispensable partner. Their intuitive tools, actionable insights, and dedicated support make them the best choice for anyone looking to elevate their app’s performance in this competitive market.”

Result: Vyro’s 40% ROAS Increase and Keyword Explosion

“The partnership with MobileAction marked a turning point for Vyro“ Shawal Fida states. “Utilizing their ASO Intelligence, Market Intelligence, App Intelligence and, complemented by the automation tools, we witnessed real change. Our campaigns saw a 40% increase in ROAS with a 30% improved ROI within a month.“ This significant improvement was also seen in their organic keyword performance, with a 150% increase from 2,000 to 5,000 ranked keywords. As a result, their organic visibility score rose from 67 to 72, and “Imagine: AI Art Generator“ improved its category ranking dramatically from 51 to 28 in the US market.

Shawal further emphasizes, “The human touch from MobileAction’s team was invaluable. Their support was always timely and spot-on.“ This blend of cutting-edge tools and human expertise proved to be an undefeated combination in navigating the app space. She concludes,

“For those in the app space aiming for growth and efficiency, MobileAction is the best choice. Their blend of intuitive tools, actionable insights, and dedicated team support positions them as a go-to partner for app growth!“

Vyro’s journey with MobileAction illustrates the power of the right partnership in the competitive app industry.

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