Mastering Seasonal Campaign Strategy

Join MobileAction and Appvertiser for advanced insights into ASO and Apple Search Ads strategies tailored to different seasons. Learn to outperform competitors, boost user retention with in-app events, optimize Apple Search Ads, master localization, and improve targeting with custom product pages. Don't miss out on year-round growth opportunities!
LIVE WEBINAR October 18th | 11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EST
Alaattin Yertürk
Senior Customer Success Manager​
Harut Amirkhanyan
Director of Growth Marketing
Highlights of topics covered in the webinar

How you can conduct strategic competitor analysis and select targeted keywords when user behavior changes with seasons


Practical steps and real-world use cases of in-app events, ASO and Apple Search Ads synergy. Localization approach considerations for different seasons: multiplacement strategies


Enhancing demand capture diversity with custom product pages and ad creatives to target the right audience

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