Maximizing App Growth: ASO & Apple Search Ads Synergy

In this webinar, you will find out why you should start combining ASO and Apple Search Ads search results in your app marketing strategy right now! Join industry experts from MobileAction, Tinuiti and Playtika to hear actionable insights, best practices, and strategies.
LIVE WEBINAR | April 3rd | 11:00 AM EST | 4:00 PM CET
Alaattin Yerturk
Senior Customer Success Manager
Mollie Sheridan
Senior Manager, Mobile App Paid Search
Talia Hermesh
Senior Organic Growth Manager
Highlights of topics covered in the webinar

Apple Search Ads search results' impact on your organic rankings


How ASO can lower CPIs and boost your Apple Search Ads search results performance


How you can make these two approaches work together and win on UA

Grow your app on the App Store and Google Play Store with our solutions now

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