Women in App Marketing

App marketing and user acquisition space have a lot of successful women leaders! To give you an overview of how women app marketers turn their apps into gems and their thoughts on the app industry, we’re delighted to host our experts to share their success stories and best practices with the whole app marketing community.
LIVE WEBINAR 19th | Nov, 11:30 AM EST
Tarika Maini Soni
Head of EU Gaming
Olivia Smith
Chapter President
Deniz Varol
Senior Acquisition Manager
Claire Rozain
UA Manager
Carolina Bertini
Digital Marketing Manager
Ruya Tan
Mobile Growth Consultant
Highlights of topics covered in the webinar

How COVID-19 changed user behavior, how it affected UA efforts and how leaders are preparing for IDFA depreciation


AHA moments of app marketing leaders in their careers, success stories & best practices from experts


Steps to take to succeed, managerial roles, struggles, and the ups & downs in the app marketing industry

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