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Gain a panoramic view of the global paid scene with insights into advertiser performance, covering ad networks, country and language distribution, along with ad publisher data across 50+ countries.

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Identify leading developers on any platform and category, in any network or country and find their top-downloaded and highest-grossing apps at any given date.

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Discover your category's top players in paid UA and ad publishing and learn about their approaches on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Explore ad creatives, fine-tune your analysis with custom filters, and identify the recipes for successful ads.

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Get to know your competitors and use your findings to advance your app's success.

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Gain the upper hand with Creative Collections, keep a watchful eye on competitors and adopt the best practices that bring high impressions.

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Browse and save apps into App Collections to keep your research process organized.

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Get the playbook and learn about creating ads that convert

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