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Estimate Which Keywords Are Getting The Most Organic Downloads

See Percentage Of Downloads By Keyword

“You should start by researching your app, but you can also research the keywords of other apps. Understanding which keywords are not helping your app get downloads makes it much easier to figure out which keywords to replace first. Knowing which keywords are helping other apps the most can help you understand which keywords to target first.”

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Boost your downloads

ASO Intelligence product consists of 4 key features. Keyword Tracking, Keyword Suggestion, Keyword Intelligence and Competitor Tracking sections work in harmony to help you drive more downloads for your app business.

We know what you need

The bulk of App Store Optimization is about deciding which keywords to use in your app name, keyword spot, description and so on.

Track Your Keyword Rankings

Stay On Top Of Your Search Visibility

“Our Keyword Tracking module allows you to track how your app is currently ranking for your target keywords and remember keywords that you may want to target in in the future. Add your own notes to every keyword on your list and color code keywords to make your list easy to understand, at a glance.”

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See How You Compare To The Competition

Find Shared Keywords And See Top 10 Rankings By Keyword

“Find Shared Keywords And See Top 10 Rankings By Keyword Detail text: This is another way that we help you uncover competitors and potential keywords for your app. Search for an app, see its keywords and find out which keywords you have in common. Also see which apps are ranking in the Top 10 for any keyword on the list..”

Find Related Keyword Ideas And Get Keyword Metrics

Never Run Out Of Keyword Ideas, Select The Ones That Are Best For Your App

“The Keyword Research Module allows you to get the Search Score, Chance Score, Number of Competing Apps and Current Rank for any keyword that you can think of. We also provide a list of related keywords, so you always have fresh ideas. Long-tail keywords are included, unlike on some other platforms.”

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Get Deeper Insights On Your Competitors

Stay Ahead of The Competition By Tracking Their Every Move

“Tracking all of your competitors can help you understand which marketing strategies are working best and where they are competitively vulnerable. Also discover up-and-coming apps, so you don’t get caught off guard.”

We have a set of tools, prepared for you!

  • keyword history
  • top apps charts
  • keyword table
Keep track of your keywords

See your ranking in every keyword. Take notes and classify them with colors so that you can do more with less effort.

Get a grasp of keywords

Keyword Tracking tool shows history of ranking for different keywords. See where you were, where you are.

Watch your competitors

Keyword tracking tool lets you get an insight about your competitors’ keywords and gives you a comparable set of keywords.

Act now, act informed

See the top apps and their visiblity scores in different keywords and develop your war strategy accordingly.

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