Recently, we had announced that we were working on an Ad Intelligence tool and it was pretty close to be launched. Well, here we are. Our Ad Intelligence tool is finally out! Since the last time talked about Ad Intelligence, much has been added and improved on our tool.

Let’s not linger too much and get right into the details about our brand new tool.

Mobile Action’s Ad Intelligence tool mainly consists of 3 main features Top Advertisers, Campaign Analysis & Apple Search Ads Intelligence.

Top Advertisers

You’re able to see the Top 100 advertisers across various platforms and categories to better understand the competition. You can filter the Top Advertisers list based on category, platform, and date to have relevant insights about your competitors’ ad strategies. Currently, our Top Advertisers page supports four ad platforms, Facebook, AdMob, Unity, and Vungle.

Ad Intelligence Top Advertisers

You are also able to see the top 100 advertisers in the form of a list. You’re able to sort these publishers based on Impression score, platform, creative count and category.

Ad Intelligence Top Advertisers Second

Campaign Analysis

On the Campaign Analysis page, you’re able to see a much more detailed analysis of your competitors’ ad campaigns.

This page allows you to see every single active ad that’s active for that app on all active ad platforms. Additionally, you can also click on each campaign to see some more details about the campaign such as the device, format, duration, first seen & last seen, impressions, current status, and the action.

Ad Intelligence Campaign Analysis

The Campaign Analysis page will help you immensely in finding out which creatives (image or video) produced the greatest value to your competitors and decide on the best course of action.

Search Ads Intelligence

While this tool was added to our dashboard quite earlier than the other features, it still plays an important role in your user acquisition strategy. You can use the Search Ads Intelligence tool to see which keywords your competitors are bidding for on Apple Search Ads and see what percentage of the impressions they are getting by looking at their impression shares. For more detailed information check our blog post covering every single detail about Apple Search Ads.

Search Ads Intelligence

All in all, we are quite excited to launch our Ad Intelligence tool. We’ll be working really hard on increasing it’s coverage and we have some plans to provide some insights that you won’t be able to come across any other place!

Thank you for reading and experience our Ad Intelligence tool first hand by starting your free 7-day trial right away!

Mobile Action Team