Blog The ASO Report: Summary of Vital App Rankings

The ASO Report: Summary of Vital App Rankings

We are happy to announce that we have launched a new feature on our platform, the ASO Report. In this post, we will show you how it works and how you can use it to improve your App Store Optimization.

Why We Created The ASO Report

One question that our Customer Success team used to get a lot was:

How can I get a summary of all my keyword rankings?

That was a good question that we simply didn’t have a good answer for.

So we worked really hard in December and created the ASO Report. You can access it from our Premium Intelligence tab under ASO Intelligence.

How the ASO Report Works

There are three sections in the ASO Report. Let’s take a look at each one individually and see how they can help you.

Daily Keyword Distribution

You can search for any app on the App Store, at the top of the module. In this example, let’s examine Uber.

ASO Report Daily Keyword Distribution

Then in the next section, you will see a tally of today’s keyword rankings. We show you how many keywords your app is ranking for in each of these ranking lists.

We also provide the plus or minus change for each list. The rankings are broken down by:

  • #1 ranking
  • Top 5
  • Top 10
  • Top 50
  • Top 100
  • Top 250

ASO Report Daily Keyword Rankings

This makes it super easy to understand the overall keyword health of any app. Summarizing your keywords in this way is also a fast way to show partners, stakeholders and clients the progress of your ASO efforts.

When you examine competing apps, understanding their rankings can also give you clues as to where their downloads are coming from. If they are not ranking well, then you know that they are promoting their app in other ways, such as paid acquisition or online marketing.

Weekly Keyword Distribution

ASO Report Weekly Keyword Rankings

The next section on the App Report shows you how well your app has done over the last 8 days. This allows you to visually see how steady your rankings have been and how your rankings have changed, after an update.

Keyword Detail

Finally, we dig into the details of each keyword that your app ranks for.

You can see:

  • A history graph summary
  • The worst rank that your app had ranked for that keyword
  • The best rank for that keyword
  • The average rank
  • Add the keyword to your keyword tracking list

ASO Report Keyword Distribution Summary


As you can see, the ASO Report is a great way for you to gauge the overall health of your keyword rankings. It can be used to research competitors and track your own apps.

The report can also be an easy way to show results to stakeholders or your consulting clients. To get started, sign up for a Mobile Action account right now.

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