Even though Bitcoin has been in existence since 2009, there were only a small group of passionate believers back then. Over time, public enthusiasm surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has surged and the price has risen sharply, attracting many investors.  As a result, the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed in the past two years. Millennials particularly seem to be fascinated by cryptocurrencies.

Today, cryptocurrencies are seen as the gold of the future thus impacting the mobile app marketing strategies used by the top finance apps. Crypto.com is one of the finance apps utilizing all mobile marketing channels efficiently.

Let’s take a look at the data for Crypto.com to uncover their mobile app marketing strategies.

Crypto.com App Reviews

Let’s take a quick look at Crypto.com’s positive reviews in the United States. When we look at the average ratings and keyword occurrence, we see that users mostly used keywords like “great”, “coin”, “service”, “crypto” and “card”. These reviews positively affect their organic ranking and help them to rank better.

Review Analysis for Crypto.com

Cypto.com is not currently in the top 10 finance apps based on download numbers, nor is it currently in the top overall 10. However, the Crypto.com app has managed to stay in the top 30 for a long period. Today, the finance genre is highly competitive and turbulent, so this counts as an impressive place to be. Let’s look into their ad strategy to see what crypto.com does to maintain its status.

Top Advertisers

Crypto.com highly relies on paid advertising strategies which are pretty conventional in the finance genre. Generally speaking, not every app has a paid growth strategy. This has a positive impact on the overall status of the Crypto.com app.

We can get a view of advertisers through Top Advertisers under MobileAction’s mobile Ad Intelligence solution. By using that, we’ll discover the mobile ad strategy of Crypto.com. Below, you can see the top ten advertisers last week in the Apple Store in the United States.

Top Advertisers List

Crypto.com’s Advertising Campaign

Crypto.com is currently 9th overall in advertising. They have creatives on 14 mobile ad networks with a large emphasis on Mopub. They currently have chosen Mopub as the best ad network in the finance genre. However, they are getting most of their estimated impressions from Facebook. 

It is important to keep an eye on where you are getting the most traction in terms of mobile app ad networks and to adjust your spending accordingly. It is also crucial to carefully do an app market analysis considering the ROI and keep up with the trends to continue to adapt.

creatives crypto.com
Mobile Ad Networks

Their total creative count is just over 15,000 and their active creative count is 2,567. This may seem like they are running only a small portion of their creatives. This shows that they are implementing a new campaign strategy. And it indicates that they have tested and removed several creatives. Crypto.com is doing a lot of A/B testing surrounding which types of apps work, with a huge volume of advertising creatives.

Their ad publisher count is an astounding 16,590. This means that if you have an app in the finance genre, mainly in cryptocurrency and trading focus, you might want to look at where they land with their creative strategy so that you can model your mobile advertising.

crypto.com ad publishers
Ad Publishers

We can also see that they have learned a lot about Html ads and video ads, with fewer still images and even fewer playable creatives. It is a great idea to keep an eye on crypto.com as it continues because they are trying to stay up to date and consistently testing things and changing their strategy to be more effective. 

Creative Analysis for Crypto.com

Crypto.com is a popular trading app with an aggressive advertising strategy. When we look through their creatives, crypto.com’s credit card creatives are well crafted and they are mostly in video format. In the best-case scenario, they are getting high impressions out of them that’s why they’ve been active for more than three months. 

“For the creative which is active for more than two months, they used “get an instant loan” on several cryptocurrencies. This creative goes to show that they provide additional money to your balance which allows you to do transactions with more than what you have in your wallet. Mentioning this feature in creatives will most probably attract users.

crypto.com creative example
Creative Example

They generally prefer to put the highest price of Bitcoin in some of their ad creatives. Whereas they use the phrase “true cost”, which refers to without any transaction fee.

The creatives mostly in blue and white colors which have the same font and color scheme of their app logo. Their color palette is used by many other finance apps as well. Also, they can target different creatives towards different types of users and deliver on all of those promises. For example, they are refunding the subscription fee for the most popular apps like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime.

It attracts users not only through the capabilities of the app but also draws attention to other possible perks. These advertising practices will anticipate its benefits.

What to Learn from Crypto.com and What’s Next

Crypto.com has a huge portfolio of creatives and is constantly iterating its strategy. They place their ads carefully by utilizing all possible ad networks and they choose to localize. Crypto.com also adapts its creatives to the trends happening in the finance world while maintaining the integrity of users already using the app. Crypto.com is also good at catching up with recent trends & habits to reach their maximum efficiency. 

It seems that the cryptocurrency craze will not end anytime soon. Every day new types of cryptocurrencies are being introduced and it increases the competition amongst the finance apps. If you would like to keep a close eye on what Crypto.com and other finance apps will do next, and to see the long-term results of their most recent campaign, sign up for a demo.