Custom product pages are a groundbreaking feature in the mobile app advertising landscape. Developers use these pages to showcase an app to different targeted audiences, often with the goal of driving more conversions and revenue.

Custom product pages offer developers an opportunity to be creative and stand out, and personalize their messaging to their audience. They are needed for running  Today tab ads on the App Store. 

In this blog, we will analyze the custom product page strategies of some top advertisers in the mobile app space, and provide best practices for creating effective custom product pages.

Top Advertisers in Travel

Travel is one of the categories in which you can benefit most from custom product pages. The apps provide various services to their users such as booking flights and accommodations, renting cars, or booking tours. Moreover, localization is mostly required in this category, since the target can be everyone worldwide. That said, let’s see which strategies top advertisers follow. is currently the #1 advertiser in the travel category

Travel is one competitive category and is the most visible app in this category. This is because they are bidding on high search volume keywords and getting high impression shares for these keywords. Custom product pages help them with their conversions. has different custom product pages and is testing what works best for their app to reach a wider audience. is one good example of how to use custom product pages. They are testing various keyword combinations to increase their reach. On top of that, they customize the visual creatives for each custom product page and test the different types of visuals. 

For example, with this custom product page, they added all the major airline brand names as their keywords. Then, customize their screenshots for attracting customers by showing how easily you can book your flight using their app. 
In this custom product page, they targeted users who are searching for car rentals. This is why they added car rental and its variations in their keyword pool and customize the screenshots around that. 

If you know what might your potential users search for and how to attract them to your app, custom product pages are no-brainers. Especially, when your visuals match the search reason, there is no need for users to look more. 


Expedia is currently the #2 top advertiser in the travel category

In the travel category, Expedia is performing as a close second with their quite good marketing strategy. Their visibility score is high enough to challenge for number 1 in the future. What are they doing right?

Just like, Expedia is also using various custom product pages and testing new strategies to analyze what is working. 

If your app can serve different needs, you should showcase that and get benefit from it. Otherwise, you can fail to turn your hard work into conversions which will be a bummer. 

For instance, Expedia provides car rental services to its users. To come up on app store searches for car renting, they created a custom product page and add keywords that will make them appear. 
custom product pages Expedia
Expedia also gives you the price tracking information for flights. Again, to make them appear and known for this purpose as well, they created a custom product page. 
custom product pages Expedia
Moreover, by using Expedia, you can book your flights and hotel reservations. They created a custom product page to show up if one searches for an app like that. 

Custom product pages can use for other reasons as well. Like in the following example, Expedia customizes its product page for Spanish-speaking users. They most probably made previous research about their target audience. They decided to market their app in Spanish as well to reach that particular audience base. 

custom product pages Expedia
As you can see, Expedia translated the banners that they use on their product page in Spanish and localized their creative to certain audiences.

Considering how comprehensive the app market is in the travel category,, and Expedia are perfect examples of how to create value through custom product pages. As we mentioned, it is only beneficial if you can showcase your valuable features to your audience. 

Top Advertiser in Education

Education is one of the most competitive categories in the app market. Especially after e-learning has become an important tool for education with the pandemic, lots of apps launched in this category. Even if outperforming others is hard in this category, some apps manage to step up their marketing game. 


SplashLearn is currently the #1 advertiser in the education category.

SplashLearn is a good example if you are wondering how you can differentiate your app from the competition. With the market strategy they have around custom product pages, they are currently increasing in the charts. Let’s see what they do.

custom product pages SplashLearn
As a common determinator, SplashLearn also uses multiple custom product pages for almost every feature they have. By adding keywords for those features and customizing their visuals. 

To attract kids or convince parents for selecting your app among others, you should be clear about what they will experience once they download the app. The visuals should be entertaining and educational content needs to incorporate into the visuals. If you manage to accomplish all these, you can outperform others. 

custom product pages SplashLearn
For instance, SplashLearn includes alphabet games and rhymes for kids. By adding accurate visuals for user experience, they tend to attract more users. 
custom product pages SplashLearn
The app also has games to teach mathematical concepts to the kids. With these custom product pages, the app will display if one searches for related keywords.

By using custom product pages, SplashLearn can showcase the value of the app clearly. While running a proper promotion strategy, they can benefit even more in the future.

Top Advertiser in Navigation

Navigation is one of the categories that has some powerful apps with an already existing user base. To be successful in the category and capture new users, apps should be creative with their marketing strategies. Custom product pages give that opportunity to the apps that want to be chosen among challenging competitors. Let’s see the top custom product page advertiser’s strategy to manage that.

onX Offroad

onX Offroad is currently #1 in the navigation category

onX Offroad is a great example to show how well an app can operate in a steady category like navigation. The market is full of well-known apps like Google Maps and Moovit. They have already captured the attention of the market when it comes to navigation and gaining brand recognition. To take part in these types of categories, apps should increase their functional variety and come up with new features. Custom product pages can help you with that. 

custom product pages onX Offroad
As you can see, onX Offroad is doing a great job with its custom product pages. They customize all of the creatives that their product page has for each custom product page. 

The first thing we can notice about why onX Offroad is the top advertiser in this category is, they are the most visible app in their category due to their paid keywords and impression shares.   

custom product pages onX Offroad
They made a brand partnership with Jeep. Then create a custom product page for off-grid navigation using creatives including Jeep visuals and adding related keywords.
custom product pages onX Offroad
They come up with a navigation feature just for motorcycles and all the trails around the world. Added a new set of screenshots and customized keywords for this custom product pages and run it for the test. 

With apps like onX Offroad, we can clearly see that custom product pages can help you to create value for your app and differentiate your app among others. If you can use it properly, your app can become one of the category giants and perform quite well for a long time.

Key Takeaways

  • Custom product pages are a powerful tool for mobile app advertisers to drive conversions and revenue. By showcasing a specific product or service, custom product pages can help advertisers stand out and personalize their message to their target audience. 
  • Remember, a clear and compelling message, paired with a visually pleasing design, and a clear call-to-action are key elements of a successful custom product page. Keep these in mind as you work to optimize your own custom product pages and drive results for your mobile app advertising campaigns.

We’ve explored the custom product page strategies of some of the top advertisers in the mobile app space and provided best practices for creating effective custom product pages. By using the custom product pages intelligence tool through MobileAction, you can implement these strategies for your app.

As an advertiser, you can improve the performance of your custom product pages and increase conversions and revenue. All you need to do is to try custom product pages intelligence today.