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Increase Your Conversions with Custom Product Pages

custom product pages

Would you like to increase your conversion rates and reduce costs? If your answer is yes, we highly recommend you to keep reading. Our Custom Product Page Intelligence tool can help you with that.

Learn how to optimize your custom product pages and increase conversions while reducing costs with our Custom Product Page Intelligence tool. Discover the benefits of custom product pages and strategies for grouping your audience for maximum results.

And simply by using Custom Product Pages, you can easily relate more to your users and increase your return on ad spends (ROAS). The question is, how much higher?

Here are some insights for you to see how higher you can go. With the optimal strategy constructed and the smart tools, you can get the following; 

  • 17% increase in conversion rates
  • 126% increase in tap-through rates
  • 554% increase in installs. 

Discover What’s Working in Your Category

When you want to do ASO and ASA it is important to start with market research and competitor analysis. Or else, it gets harder to track market trends and respond to your competitors. But this can be costly and time-consuming. And you will always need more time and more budget for your campaigns to scale up. With CPP you can do them both.

With numerous amounts of apps, it can be tough to stand out. Even in the same category, there can be thousands of apps that will aim at the same target audience as yours. Some apps seem to thrive while others struggle to get noticed. What will set you apart from others? There are two possible answers to this question which are;

  1. Having a really good ASO strategy 
  2. Having a really good Apple Search Ads strategy

If you just knew the strategies of the successful ones, things would be extremely easy. Right? This step is all about finding and properly analyzing the right ones. 

For example, when we check the keyword “beauty”, we can see that best performing two apps use colorful backgrounds in their screenshots, and compared to their competitors, they use clear banners and photos. While checking this data, we can make an assumption like apps that are using these threats are generating more returns on their campaigns. 

Visual creatives can create a difference in attracting users. Using related banners, colorful backgrounds, fonts, and images are some of the tools that you should pay attention to. But, visuals are not the only thing you should focus on

Assume you are the developer of the Meete-Meet app. You are performing in the dating app category, so your top competitors are Bumble, Tinder, etc…, right? Let’s check how well the organic keyword “meet up app” works.

When we look at Bumble’s CPPs, we can see that they have a strategy based on the app’s features and seasonal trends. They have created one for their bandtr feature and adapted the new feature’s overview into their keywords and creatives. Moreover, they run another CPP during the summer adding the “summer” keyword.

When we check how well your organic keyword “meet up apps” works, we see that Bumble is the best-performing app with it. They add the keyword on their paid keywords through ASA and bid on them to create an advantage in search results.

Even though these keywords include your app’s name in it, your app is outperformed by one of the biggest competitors. With the help of CPP Intelligence and Keyword Explorer, you can decide to bid on these keywords. With an optimal bidding strategy, you can add them to your paid campaigns.

You can search for any app and see its default and custom product pages on a single page. This is important for three reasons: 

  • Knowing your competitors’ paid keyword themes and creative asset strategies. 
  • Getting benefits from their A/B testing and optimizing your custom product pages. 
  • Discovering what’s working and what’s not in your category.

Better Group Your Audience

As an app developer, Apple Product Page is one of your most important assets if you know how to design it properly. It is what users see when they look at your app. It is also where they decide whether are they going to download it or not. So, the main question here is to decide what our target groups want to see.

One app could serve different kinds of needs and wants regarding what users are looking for from it. Therefore, using only one set of creatives to serve them all is hard to achieve. This is where CPP came into the equation. Using this feature, you can generate various creatives to serve different types of users and enhance the experience quality for both users and app marketers. 

Deciding on how to match specific creatives to specific user groups requires a process. Once you made your mind up on what creatives will perform well with which keywords, you can test your matching by running test CPPs. 

As you can see above, Aiby currently testing various CPPs while using different sets of screenshots. Though they created their screenshots based on gender, they wouldn’t add which CPP is for which gender.  We can say that it is because of their weak strategy in choosing the right keywords. 

You can group your audience based on many variables like demographics, the app’s future, trends that will attract certain groups of users, etc,… So, you can consider what you want to show to certain groups on top of who you would like to target. 

By showing the right content to the right users, there is no doubt that you will get more downloads and a higher conversion rate, which means a better ROAS. For doing that properly, the first and most important step is making market research. You can benefit from the trends in your industry and how your biggest competitors are acting. CPP Intelligence can also help you with that. It identifies the keyword themes and custom product pages used by top-performing apps in your category and lists them to save you from wasting lots of time and money on that as well. 

Therefore, with the right strategy and the right tools, you can create Custom Product Pages that really stand out and attract more downloads than ever. Let us help you to achieve your goals and make the most of this powerful feature. 

How to Find High-intent Keywords for the Right Audience

Want you to make your Custom Product Page even more effective? The key to doing that is using relevant keywords with high search scores. These could be words or phrases that users have been using while looking for apps like yours. If you could be able to identify them and incorporate them into your Custom Product Page, you will be more likely to show up in search results and attract more qualified leads. 

We told you the key but how to find it? Or in other says, how to find the best keywords for your app? 

  • One way to do it is to use the “Search by App” feature in the SearchAds Intelligence tool. This tool will show you which paid keywords have been used within your category, along with their impression share rates. This could be a great starting point for determining your strategy. 
  • Knowing the keywords used by your competitors in your industry can give you a strategic advantage. If you want to go one step further and analyze the keywords that a specific competitor is performing well with, you can use the “Keyword Gap” tool. This tool lets you compare the performance of your organic keywords with those of a competitor. You can see how well you are ranked for each of your organic keywords and how well your competitor is ranked for theirs. By making these comparisons, you can identify the keywords where you are outperforming your competitor and take action if you are missing out on any. You can add these potential keywords to your campaign, bid on them, and add them to your paid keyword list. The “Keyword Gap” tool is a great example of how combining ASO and ASA can be beneficial.
  • Staying on top of your industry’s trends can give you a significant advantage, particularly if you can anticipate where they are heading. Making informed predictions can transform your app and drive conversions. We have a tool that can help you do just that: “Keyword Trends“. This tool allows you to see which keywords are currently trending in your category, giving you insight into what may trend in the future. By using this tool, you can add potential trending keywords to your campaign strategy and bid on them through Apple Search Ads, helping you capture a larger share of the market. 
custom product pages
As you can see, the keyword “dawn ai” has been on the rise over the past few months, and its popularity score has increased from 37 to 80 in just a few days. By using the “Keyword Trends” tool, you could have identified this trend early on and bid on the keyword through ASA to gain an advantage in your category. 

Overall, these tools can be very effective for identifying the organic and paid keywords for your Custom Product Pages campaigns. They also generate insights into what is effective for your competitors and your category.

Custom Product Pages Intelligence tool can also guide you because it shows you the keywords your competitors are using. If you woud find a keyword that is popular and relevant for your app, try bidding on this keyword. With an optimal bidding strategy, you can increase your apps’ traffic and scale. 

custom product pages
As you can see, the keyword “upward” has a relatively high popularity score (57) in the lifestyle category. 

custom product pages
Even though it is a promising keyword in the category, only Bumble use this keyword in their Custom Product Pages within the last month. 

Although Bumble targeted the keyword “upward”, their creatives don’t reflect it.

The keyword has high popularity score because it’s mainly in the title of a trending Christian dating app. 

While detecting high popularity scored keywords like “upward” as, you can direct your strategy around it and capture the users’ attention like Bumble is doing. 

Key Takeaways

  • Custom Product Pages are important for your future campaigns. It gives you the opportunity for more precise audience segmentation and a higher conversion rate with a higher ROAS.
  • Through the Custom Product Pages Intel tool, you can analyze your competitors’ CPPs and track their behaviors in the market. You can decide on your own strategies without spending hours and a budget. 

Custom Product Pages are a valuable tool for accurate target segmentation and a higher conversion rate. Using this tool properly increases the return on your advertising spend (ROAS). You may take advantage of this opportunity with little effort by using the Custom Product Pages Intelligence tool. All It takes is one free click to get started.

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