Even if you have created the best app, getting it to rise in the ranks of both app stores and stand out from the millions of apps can be a difficult and challenging task. When you develop an app your ultimate goal as an app developer would be to generate revenue with your app right? And in order to increase app downloads, you need people to find your app.

In this article, we will discuss some best practices on how to increase app downloads and improve your mobile user acquisition strategy. 

Downloads vs Visibility

There is a clear correlation between app visibility and downloads. High visibility will significantly increase your chances to get more app downloads. 

So what exactly is app visibility? As the name suggests, this term refers to how easy it is to come across your app in the app store. Even though app visibility is normally associated with App Store Optimization, it can be claimed that your paid user acquisition efforts such as Apple Search Ads or mobile ad networks can also help your visibility. As these user acquisition channels will allow you to reach more people. 

You should not forget that there is a bidirectional relationship between app visibility and downloads. Just like app visibility can increase app downloads, the fact that you are getting more downloads can drive your organic rankings even higher, further increasing your app visibility.

1. Improve App Store Optimization

Many developers underestimate the power of App Store Optimization. However, building a proper ASO strategy can improve the results of your other mobile user acquisition efforts. Paid growth strategies will become much more effective when paired with an organically healthy app.

So how does App Store Optimization work? Well, through App Store Keyword Optimization and Conversion Optimization, you can increase your organic rankings while also maintaining a healthy ratio of product page visitors to installs.

It is also important to know that App Store Optimization is not a hit-and-run process. You will have to constantly tweak and update your keywords to stay on top of your app competitors and ensure that your app ranks for the best possible keywords. 

increase app downloads visibility

On our dashboard, we calculate a visibility score for your app, making the monitoring process much easier. You can think of this metric as an overall outcome that resulted from all of your app store keyword optimization efforts. 

Beware! There are significant differences between App Store Optimization for iOS and Google Play ASO. Before starting your growth journey, make sure that you understand the inner workings of these platforms. 

2. Increase Mobile App Retention and Engagement

This is an important one! In any kind of business, satisfied customers are more likely to draw in even more customers. In mobile app marketing, one of the key metrics to measure user satisfaction is mobile app retention and engagement data.

Usually measured in 1, 7, 30, and 90 days of usage, mobile app retention measures the time period that users open your app. Even though mobile app retention probably will not affect your downloads or visibility directly, it can help you measure the relationship between your app and users. Users who use your app for longer will be more likely to recommend it to their friends and family. Additionally, the reviews and ratings these users leave will directly impact your keyword rankings as well as conversion rates.

Additionally, don’t forget the ultimate goal for all of your mobile user acquisition efforts: Revenue. Simple logic dictates that the longer users stay on your app, the more money you earn. So make sure that your app is nice and easy to use and do everything in your power to keep users coming back to your app.

3. Be Online To Increase App Downloads!

Creating a website, a landing page, or a blog that are all unique. This all should carry the same design and unique creativity of your app. Social Media can definitely help you increase app downloads. Platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn are great opportunities to spread the word about your app.

If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, you might have noticed ASO and SEO work on similar principles. 

Even though it might be harder for gaming apps to build a blog and engage in content marketing, some categories can greatly benefit from setting up a blog and building a Search Engine presence. Health & Fitness, Finance and Sports are just some of the categories that can benefit from SEO to increase app downloads.

Headspace, one of the most popular Health & Fitness Apps, has received great results by combining SEO with App Store Optimization.

4. Influencer Marketing

It is all about increasing public awareness. It might sound easy, but when it comes to work it needs careful implementation. Before that, let us answer the question “Who is an influencer?”

A person who is well known in a specific niche, and who is not having any kind of responsibility for the product is called an influencer.

The influencers are usually well-known people on various social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, or even forums.

So, the process of influencer app marketing revolves around getting your app tested and reviewed by these people to put you directly in front of the user base that might be interested in your app. That is where the importance of influencer marketing lies.

Through the right connections, influencer marketing can yield impressive returns.

5. Paid Acquisition

Once you build a good app with solid ASO, paid user acquisition can be considered the next level of mobile user acquisition. Even though a certain level of capital is required to launch a mobile app advertising campaign, such strategies can exponentially increase your app downloads.

Mobile Ad Networks can be a great way to distribute your ad creatives. Through our Mobile Ad Intelligence, you can check the ad networks your competitors are using to determine the best options for yourself. App competitor analysis is a proven way to develop your mobile user acquisition strategy!

increase app downloads mobile ad networks

Last but not least, Apple Search Ads also shines as a user acquisition platform, especially after iOS 14.5. Due to the ad placement, it is one of the methods that can increase your visibility in the app stores while being a paid channel.

3 Common Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Improving your downloads is a shaky road and it is possible to make certain mistakes. We believe that it is also worth mentioning some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them for your own good.

  • Lack of ASO: Some app developers forget about the importance of ASO for long-term and stable success. As mentioned earlier, ASO can actually make a huge difference in your app’s visibility.
  • Performance Issues: Another important thing for an app’s visibility is consistency when it comes to glitches, bugs & crashes. If your app is constantly crashing, this will inevitably hinder the satisfaction of your product leading to a lower visibility score. Based on ASO, constantly monitor your user reviews and make improvements regarding the performance of your app.
  • Lack of Industry Knowledge: Sometimes developers don’t have enough knowledge of the mobile market and the specific standards for the category they are being ranked. In today’s highly competitive and turbulent marketplace, making a good app just isn’t enough anymore. Make sure to keep learning. 

Putting yourself in a potential customers’ shoes might be a huge help while doing all these steps we provided. Every decision about your app should be detailed and made with the utmost care, keeping users in mind.

Don’t forget that visuals are also important, people look at app icons, videos, and screenshots and they will be crucial when they decide to download and install your app or not. You can be as precise with these as you want and use edited videos especially for your app that highlights its best qualities rather than just screenshots.

One of the most important things about being an app creator is being able to stand by your app. Make sure to check the reviews regularly and improve them through them. 

We hope that you enjoyed our article on how to increase app downloads. 

For more tips and insights, you can always schedule a demo with our experts so we can help you with our extensive know-how and cutting-edge product!