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Mehmet Can Cavas
The top 10 mobile games are probably the most exciting part of the app store top charts. Along with apps that always have a...
Claire McIntosh
What are the creative trends for casual games? Amongst all games, casual games might be the easiest to love and get addicted to because...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Strategy games are rising in popularity. Thanks to their captivating gaming experience, users are enjoying these kinds of games. One of these games, Warpath,...
Claire McIntosh
We all know that ASO can also be referred to as app store SEO. Therefore, we have some idea of how these two aspects...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Is SEO the same as ASO? This post will go over both the differences and similarities of these two disciplines and show you why...
Mehmet Can Cavas
App marketing is a big field, with a lot of different strategies. In this post, we break down the different components of app marketing...
Claire McIntosh
Are your app downloads dropping? Maybe your app was going full speed ahead and suddenly you realized that your app downloads are dropping. No...
Mehmet Can Cavas
Mobile Strategy games are becoming increasingly popular. As people are using their phones to game more than ever, mobile strategy games offer an in-depth...

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