The first quarter of this year has been a very happening one at Mobile Action. We are very excited to introduce you to all the new features you will now be able to benefit from!

Our product team has gone to tremendous lengths to make updates and design cool new features, all with one thing in mind, YOU, the user. Because we want all of your App Store Optimization needs addressed on one single platform.

Therefore, for any feedback, recommendations or queries do not hesitate to speak to our team on our homepage. They will be more than happy to hear from you at anytime – around the clock.

If you have never used Mobile Action before, ask them for a free trial! They will set you up so you can take your app business to the next level and always stay ahead of your competitors.

Now back to what you are really here for …  so without further ado, let’s go over the updates!

What’s New?

1. New Models For Market Intelligence

We have recently revamped our Market Intelligence models.

Now you can have tremendously wide coverage for apps in the market. The numbers we are talking about are almost unreal!

For Apple Store, our Download estimations have increased by 99.8% and for Revenue estimations by 168.9%. Download estimations for Google Play Store has increased by 12.9% while the increase in Revenue estimation is a colossal 256.3%.

Increase in App Store estimations for Download and Revenue
Increase in Play Store estimations for Download and Revenue

It doesn’t just end there!

The data you will work with on our Market Intelligence dashboard is going to be more accurate and reliable.

For technical details about the new models for our Market Intelligence, take a look at our post on the topic as we have already covered it in great detail.

2. Featured Apps

With this new addition you will be able to see the featured apps from the App Store straight on your Mobile Action dashboard. So no more hassle of going back and forth between your ASO tool and the Apple Store from now on.

All you have to do is select the Country, the Category, the Date Range and VOILA! … All the apps featured on the App Store for that category between the date range you selected, right in front of your eyes!

Featured Apps for the category of Games in US between the selected dates

Go try the feature and take inspiration from apps in the same category as your’s as you can be featured too!

For more details about the feature click here.

3. Date Range For Top App Feature.

Since our users could already follow up on which app has been on the Top Apps based on Downloads, Ratings and Category, we asked them, “What could be better?”.

“Well, all of the above along with historical data, of course!” came the reply.

And so here it is.

You can now change the Date Range and observe which app has lost or gained top positions under a specific category over extended periods of time.

Top Apps for Games in US between January and March of 2019 (Apple Store)

Head on over and check out this feature if you haven’t already. Every feature under our Market Intelligence now has this option, making it very easy to observe changes in market dynamics over time.

4. Find Apps Using URL ID

This feature makes it easy to add apps to our dashboard. You can now add them to our dashboard by copy pasting its id. This applies to both App Store and Play Store apps. Simply follow the steps in the picture below to stop stressing about not being able to find your app … no more wasting time!

5. Keyword Explorer Page

Tired of swapping between App Store, Play Store and your ASO tools to check which apps rank for the same keywords as you?

Worry no more because we now have a solution for that as well!

With the introduction of Keyword explorer, you basically have an Apple Store and Google Play emulator on your dashboard. This feature allows you to search for a keyword and see all the apps that rank for it. You can also choose the Country you are targeting to unravel greater insight and then tailor your ASO strategy accordingly.

List of Apps ranking for the keyword “workout” in US (Apple Store)

Now go find out who else is ranking on the same keywords as you.

6. Search Publishers By Name

When it comes to App Store Optimization, we all have a tendency to completely overlook Publishers and focus on individual apps alone.

But the more you know about your competitors, the better.

To stay on top of your competitors you can’t ignore their Publishers. We made this feature keeping exactly this in mind. You can now search a Publisher by name or their id under our Publisher Analysis tool, very much like you already do with apps.

Search results for the publisher “Supercell”

Upon searching the publisher, you will be able to see download and revenue estimations for each app in the App and Play Store published by them.

7. History Of Keyword Spot

This feature was long overdue as many of you had requested it.  A lot of you found it difficult to keep a track on keywords you had used in the Keyword Spot at some point in the past. This feature addresses that issue.

Change in the Keyword Spot between April 15th and 17th of this year

You will now be able to see what keywords you had previously used in the Keyword Spot and when. This feature is in Keyword Tracking under ASO Intelligence on our dashboard.

We did our bit now it’s your turn to make the most of it!

8. Expansion Of CSV Capabilities

ASO is simply a game of numbers. As an Aso specialist you are able to derive actionable insights from them and then take decisions upon them.

We previously had some CSV export capabilities that you guys simply loved. Seeing how well it was working out for some of you, we agreed upon expanding it. So now when you sign in, you will be able to download CSV data on more pages. Use it well!

CSV download capability for the keywords and their corresponding rankings for the 3 apps

And with that, we come to a conclusion to our Q1 updates. We really wish we could tell you what’s in store for the future but for that you have to stay tuned!
In the meanwhile, go check out the Q1 updates for

Happy ASO-ing!