By the end of the year, the number of smartphone mobile network subscriptions is expected to surpass 6.7 million. According to business forecasts, this number is going to continue its rise. Considering that around 8 million people use mobile apps, including tablet users, it is needless to say that the mobile app market is extremely competitive.

In order to survive and continue to operate by improving themselves in this rapidly changing, ever-evolving, and highly competitive environment, app owners began to seek strategies that would make a difference. As previously mentioned in MobileAction Blogs, mobile app monetization and mobile app personalization are two of these.

However, although the monetization and personalization strategies that make a difference have vital importance, growth is a process with many small pieces. For this reason, in order to produce a competitive product in every field, app owners should not ignore the creative side.

In MobileAction Blogs, we have highlighted the game-changing role of creatives in several webinars and blogs, such as:

Since creative ads are one of the main paid growth methods, app owners can also make a difference by integrating a robust ad intelligence tool into their mobile app strategies. To meet this need and help app owners take one step further in the ad creative competition, MobileAction has developed CPP Intelligence and Ad Intelligence tools. Providing you with valuable insights, CPP Intelligence and App Intelligence allow you to boost downloads of your mobile apps.

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What are creatives in mobile apps?

In the mobile app industry, ads are frequently referred to as “creatives”. These are the resources you employ as part of a user acquisition strategy for attracting users to your mobile app. Basically, advertisements that encourage user interaction and increase downloads are known as mobile app creatives.

So if you are ready, let’s begin by exploring different creative elements such as app icons, screenshots, and videos. After that, we’ll dive into the realm of ad creatives, covering a variety of approaches. Lastly, we’ll conclude by highlighting the exceptional value that MobileAction brings to your mobile app’s creative strategies.

App Icon

The app icon is far more than a mere visual. It’s the first impression, the face of your app that users encounter. With limited attention spans, a well-designed app icon can quickly communicate your app’s purpose, setting the stage for user engagement. This visual symbol becomes a beacon, guiding users through the app jungle.

Popular app icons

App icons foster recognition. They’re the tiny billboards that users scan for on their screens. A strong icon that aligns with your app’s function and personality not only stands out among the crowd but also creates a sense of familiarity. Think of it as a shortcut to your app’s promise—every time users see it, they’re reminded of the value your app provides. Plus, a clear and relevant icon simplifies navigation, ensuring users can find your app effortlessly.

Consider the app icon a bridge that connects your app’s identity to user interaction. It’s not just about looks; it’s about functionality. A smartly designed icon reflects what your app does, making it a crucial part of the user journey. In a split second, users decide whether to engage with your app. A compelling app icon can make that decision a positive one, propelling users towards a deeper experience with your app.


In app stores, where countless apps hustle for attention, the significance of app screenshots cannot be overstated. Similar to app icons but in a more detailed form, these snapshots provide a window into your app’s world, offering users a sneak peek into its features and functionality.

The results of CPP Intelligence tool for the keyword ‘soccer’

App screenshots serve as a visual promise, revealing the value your app brings to users’ lives. Each screenshot is an opportunity to demonstrate how your app addresses a specific user need or pain point. By strategically selecting screenshots that showcase different aspects of your app, you can provide a comprehensive overview of its capabilities.

Uber Eats displays its app previews on app stores

Screenshots bridge the gap between piquing user interest and driving action. Users want to see the app in action before committing to the download. A seamless flow of screenshots that tells a coherent story can instill confidence, encouraging users to take the next step and embrace your app as an essential part of their digital experience.


Think of videos as visual storytelling; they showcase the app’s user interface, key functionalities, and unique selling points. An effective video attracts users to delve deeper and consider downloading it, creating a pivotal moment in their decision-making journey.

8 Ball Pool video creative

Users want to envision how your app will improve their lives, whether it’s through intuitive navigation, engaging features, or a sleek design. A well-curated video paints a vivid picture of the experience users can expect, making them more likely to engage and convert.

While an eye-catching set of screenshots might prompt users to explore further, it’s the videos that take them one step closer to downloading. High-quality videos that effectively communicate your app’s benefits can push hesitant users over the edge, transforming them from curious browsers to enthusiastic users.

Ad Creatives

Ad creatives emerge as the visual and persuasive force that can elevate an app’s visibility and desirability. As we covered each of them in detail in one of our previous blogs, banners, interstitial ads, native ads, video ads, and playables are the most popular ad creatives in 2023. These ad creatives can either be displayed in other apps or in some social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

These creative assets are more than just promotional tools; they are the compelling narratives that communicate your app’s value proposition powerfully. Just like a captivating book cover, an ad creative is often the initial interaction users have with your app. It shapes their first impression, influencing whether they’ll explore further or move on. Whether it’s a striking image, an intriguing video snippet, or a clever tagline, ad creatives need to convey your app’s unique features and benefits in seconds.

Millions of creatives can be displayed on Ad Intelligence by MobileAction

Since the ultimate goal of ad creatives is to convert interest into action, when users resonate with the creative, they should click through and delve into your app’s offerings. They play a pivotal role in driving downloads, subscriptions, purchases, or any desired user action. An effective ad creative cultivates a sense of urgency and need, compelling users to take the next step.

By aligning the creative’s message with the user’s intent, you create a seamless experience that guides them from curiosity to conversion. Moreover, ad creatives can shape the perception of your app, influencing how users perceive its quality and value. A cohesive and persuasive set of ad creatives can not only attract new users but also cultivate a loyal user base that actively engages with your app’s offerings.