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Daily market data is under your hands. See how many downloads you get and how much money your app has generated.

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Better understanding of what is going on in the market

market intelligence

See estimated download numbers of the apps.

See how your competitors’ download numbers compare against your app’s. Get the bigger picture with just one click. See how many more downloads you have to drive to make the leap to upper ranks.

Top notch Revenue Estimation.

Revenue Estimation tool uses an estimation algorithm to bring you the most accurate representation of your competitors’ revenue data.

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They love Mobile Action!

  • After reviewing many different App Store Optimization tools for tracking organic rankings and discovering the best keywords to focus on, Mobile Action offers the best value.

    Robert J. Weber
    CEO/Co-founder of NativeX
  • We're happy with market intelligence provided by Mobile Action. Also It has been proved to be invaluable for our ASO effort!

    Brian Yu
    Co-founder of 9GAG
  • Mobile Action has been extremely helpful in helping increase app discovery for Runtastic. Working with them has provided new insights on how to increase organic downloads, which are the best kind!

    Josh Shaeffer
    VP of Business Development, Runtastic

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