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Exceed your ROI goals with data-driven charts and reports. Keep track of the market and your own organic performance with real numbers.

See The Detailed Summary Of Your Search Ads Campaigns

Gain absolute control over your Search Ads campaigns. Keep track of every step your competitors take and make data driven decisions to increase the efficiency of your Search Ads campaign. Always be one step ahead with pre-set automations.

Keep track of every development about your Search Ads campaign. Be aware of how your Campaign is doing by seeing: the total spent, total impressions, total taps and total conversions of all of your Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords separately or together.

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Analyze How Each Campaign Has Affected Your Category & Keyword Rankings

You can see how each of your campaigns has influenced your Category Rankings and leverage that data to reinforce your ASO strategy. Analyze the correlation between the changes in your expenditures and your Category Rankings to have a deeper understanding on the success of your Search Ads campaign.

Get access to keyword specific data and analyze how each keyword you run Search Ads on has affected your organic keyword rankings.

See Which Keywords Your Competitors Are Running Search Ads On

Look at the list of apps your competitors are running Search Ads on. See the popularity score of those keywords as well as the impression share of the apps that are running Search Ads on that keyword to tailor your Search Ads strategy in line with what your competitors are doing.

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Set Alerts And Automated Actions For Your Search Ads Campaigns

Set custom email alerts that will inform you when your campaign is spending too much or isn’t getting enough impressions and so on.

Use the automation feature to change the bid, pause the keyword, add it as a negative keyword when your campaign is failing your expectations or is costing too much while being successful.

See The Apps That Run Search Ads On A Keyword

See which apps are running Search Ads on a keyword while also seeing their impression shares on that keyword. Get invaluable insight on seeing the competition on the keywords you are running or planning to run Search Ads and tailor your Search Ads campaign based on those data.

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