Arteria Ventures achieves 34% CPI reduction with MobileAction

The Result

reduction in CPI in India


increase in TTR worldwide


decrease in CPA across campaigns

Arteria Ventures, the publisher of the globally acclaimed apps Faladdin and Binnaz, experienced significant growth and expansion through the use of MobileAction’s suite of strategic UA tools. Faladdin, renowned for its AI-powered fortune-telling and daily horoscopes, and Binnaz, which offers real-time access to psychic readings and astrology consultations, both enrich the Lifestyle category with their unique offerings. Duygu Dartanel, Performance Marketing Specialist, shares the impact of leveraging MobileAction’s App Intelligence, ASO Intelligence, and for their Apple Search Ads campaigns.

The challenge

Arteria Ventures aimed to broaden their reach and enhance user acquisition for their apps, Faladdin and Binnaz. “Over the last two years, our main challenge has been exploring new markets and expanding our localized services, including in LATAM and India,” Duygu stated. This ambition led them to the competitive market of astrological and spiritual guidance apps, which require a keen understanding of each market’s unique dynamics and cultural preferences.

Additionally, another goal of Arteria Ventures was optimizing both organic growth and their Apple Search Ads campaigns. Managing multiple apps, each with its own distinct audience and set of services, presented a complex challenge. Traditional marketing methods were not cutting it, as they lacked the adaptability and depth needed to navigate the fast-paced app ecosystem. Arteria Ventures sought a solution that could deliver targeted insights, enabling them to refine their strategies across both organic and paid channels for better user acquisition and engagement.

The solution

MobileAction’s toolkit has been instrumental in Arteria Ventures’s strategic approach. The Keyword Research tool’s expansive keyword pool and long-tail keyword suggestions have enriched Arteria Ventures’s ASO strategy, allowing for targeted optimization and broader reach. Duygu stated, “Through MobileAction, we conducted comprehensive market research, including detailed competitor analysis, store rankings, reviews, and ratings.” The AI-based keyword collections and real-time insights the Keyword Tracking tool provided have enabled Arteria Ventures to monitor keyword performance meticulously, adjusting strategies for maximum impact.

Integrating Ad Intelligence into their marketing strategy enabled Arteria Ventures to explore new markets and expand their localized services efficiently. By utilizing Ad Intelligence to discover best-performing creatives and testing tailored creatives on Facebook, they achieved remarkable results.

The In-App Events tool has offered a deep dive into market trends and competitor strategies, providing a clear view of the evolving app landscape. This insight has been crucial for Arteria Ventures to refine their in-app event offerings and stay ahead in the market.

Moreover, integrating with has significantly changed their approach to Apple Search Ads campaigns.’s Automations streamlined campaign management and elevated beyond simple automation with 20+ multi-layer campaign automation templates provided by the platform. Multi-layer campaign automation enables users to optimize their campaigns on more than just the campaign level. Actions are triggered based on upper-level conditions, allowing targeted optimizations across keywords, ad groups, and campaigns. This approach led to improved metrics and empowered Arteria Ventures to manage budgets while enhancing brand presence.

Duygu Dartanel
Performance Marketing Specialist

“MobileAction has become an indispensable part of our marketing strategy. The platform’s invaluable support has empowered us to achieve significant milestones in user acquisition and market expansion, including a 34% decrease in CPI in India, a 7% increase in tap-through rates worldwide, and an 11% decrease in CPA across our campaigns. We highly recommend MobileAction to any app developer looking to make a mark on a global scale.”

The result

The strategic application of MobileAction’s tools has yielded great results for Arteria Ventures. Specifically, using tailored creatives and optimized ad strategies facilitated through MobileAction led to a 34% decrease in CPI in India, marking their most cost-effective user acquisition in the region. Additionally, the refined Apple Search Ads campaign strategies contributed to a 7% uplift in tap-through rates and an 11% reduction in CPA globally, showcasing the effectiveness of MobileAction’s insights and automations.

“The partnership with MobileAction has been life-changing for us. The depth and breadth of their tools, coupled with actionable insights, have empowered us to navigate the complexities of global market expansion confidently,” Duygu noted. “The continuous support and expert advice from MobileAction has been invaluable, enabling us to maintain agility and responsiveness in a fast-evolving landscape.”

The partnership between Arteria Ventures and MobileAction has sparked remarkable improvements in key performance indicators, laying down a groundwork for long-term growth and strategic market positioning. Arteria Ventures’ success serves as a clear demonstration of how the right tools and insights can truly make a difference in the competitive world of mobile apps.

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