Lyrebird’s boost with MobileAction’s products


Lyrebird Studio, an app developer company, partnered with MobileAction to enhance their app store visibility and optimize their advertising strategies. Metehan Kanbur, Lyrebird’s Creative Team Lead, shares their experience and insights into their partnership with MobileAction.

The challenge

Before integrating MobileAction into their strategy, Lyrebird Studio faced various challenges in refining their app store presence and maximizing paid marketing performance. Metehan recalled the hurdles they encountered: “Before MobileAction, we were constantly striving to fine-tune our app store presence and advertising strategies.” These challenges included interpreting user feedback swiftly, identifying emerging trends, and understanding competitor tactics in the dynamic app landscape. The absence of assisting tools hindered Lyrebird Studio’s ability to maintain a competitive edge, impeding their pursuit of app store success.

The solution

Discovering MobileAction’s suite of ASO and paid marketing tools provided Lyrebird Studio with a solution for all their challenges. Leveraging features like Ad Intelligence and App Intelligence, they optimized their competitor analysis processes and found the top creatives within the market. They used App Intelligence‘s “Reviews” and “Top Charts” features to analyze user feedback and pinpoint emerging trends and apps. Furthermore, they harnessed Ad Intelligence’s “Creative Analysis” and “Top Creatives” to dissect best-performing competitor ads and get strategic data. Metehan emphasizes, “Implementing MobileAction’s intelligence products, particularly App Intelligence and Ad Intelligence, changed our approach. These products empowered us to delve deeper into user feedback, emerging trends, and competitor strategies, enabling agile and informed decision-making.”

Metehan Kanbur
Creative Team Lead

“The MobileAction platform has been very practical to our marketing efforts at Lyrebird Studio. I highly recommend it to any app marketer seeking to refine their strategies and gain actionable insights into competitor performance and market trends.”

The result

Integrating MobileAction into their workflow yielded significant improvements in Lyrebird Studio’s app performance metrics. They witnessed a notable increase in user acquisition and engagement, attributing this growth to MobileAction’s products. Armed with App Intelligence and Ad Intelligence insights, Lyrebird Studio fine-tuned their advertising strategies and amplified app store visibility. Metehan highlighted the impact: “Since integrating MobileAction into our workflow, we’ve observed remarkable enhancements in our app’s performance metrics. Our user acquisition and engagement have experienced substantial growth, attributable to the actionable insights gleaned from MobileAction’s products.”

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