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How Do App Reviews and Ratings Affect Your ASO Strategy?

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The number of apps in both of the two major app stores is in the total of 2.2 million mobile apps in the Apple App Store, and approximately 3.3 million apps in the Google Play Store.

Which means that the level of competition is quite high. Therefore, app reviews and ratings play a key role in the success of the apps available in stores. 

There is usually at least 1 app that is similar to yours, so in this battle where every aspect makes the difference in winning the user’s attention, you need to win the attention.

People need to decide which app to download. But what are the factors that potentially might influence the decision?

It is other people… Certainly, the “social proof” plays the role of a decision factor. It is the time when App Reviews & Ratings come into the play.

App Store Reviews & Ratings

Ratings & Reviews are one of the important factors in ASO, yet many developers keep neglecting it.

On this blog post, I am going to highlight the main points on how useful reviews and ratings are and in what ways they do affect ASO.

  • The rating allows users to rate between 1 and 5 stars according to the level of satisfaction by the app and its features.
  • An app review is a written response that users leave with feedback.

App Reviews

An app review is an independent, objective way of describing the dichotomy of views through the end user’s eyes.

Basically, it is a form of marketing that is trusted by people. It shows what to expect from the app as a future buyer. App reviews can be either positive or negative.

Below is a screenshot from Uber technologies review breakdown in the period from 18 Sep – 11 December 2017 by MobileAction Chart:

uber review breakdown mobileaction

The charts that are in green are showing positive, and the ones that are in red show the negative reviews on Uber technologies app. We see from the chart distribution that the positive reviews after an update on 23rd October reached the maximum.

App reviews are a good source for improvement, meaning that not only positive reviews have an impact on your app, and its category but also the negative reviews do have a contribution to your app.

You might have a question in your mind: How can a negative review positively contribute to your apps’ improvement?

Let me tell you, people put negative reviews when they come across to a certain bug, or when they are disappointed with a specific feature, or when it crashes way too often, while happy end-users just keep using your app.

App reviews that have an average below 3 are considered to be the negative ones. These ones can signal that your app has serious issues or should be stayed away from, resulting in scared users who won’t download your app or won’t even try it.

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app reviews ratings example

Make sure to have a look at Apple’s Review Guideline to get in-depth details on the importance of app reviews and ratings for mobile apps.

App reviews are important for new users, developers, and current users.

New users: Will have an insight of the app, as what to expect from it.

Developers: Will find out pros and cons the app, the general overview of customer satisfaction, the bugs that need fixing.

Current Users: Will have an opportunity to direct access to the developer and give their independent point of view that plays a significant role in this marketing.

If you do not provide reviews, make sure that your competitor is providing it anyway. And people will most probably choose the app that has a social proof in terms of reviews.

Having reviews is also crucial for new businesses as it is the only source of credibility.

The keywords in app reviews contribute to the ranking of your app in Google Play Store.

Pro Tip: Try to make yourself available, so that the users can reach you. Answer to negative reviews as fast as you can, and answer individually. Because when you answer, you show to your customers that you do truly care about them, that you are here to fix the bugs, to work out the issues that didn’t go well. By this way, you will gain a certain level of credibility as a developer.

App Ratings

The key point in prompting the user to rate your app is in doing it at the right time.

The right time it means after certain accomplishments in your app as passing a level, winning a prize, In this way you are more likely to contact a happy user.

app ratings aso

Rating Count: A number that shows how many times the app was rated.

When you search for a keyword in Google Play Store what you get as the search result is your App Icon, App Name, and Ratings. So, this means that ratings in Google Play Store directly contribute to the conversion rate.

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Bear in mind that the number of ratings and their average, as well as the number of app reviews, has a quite good contribution to the rankings of your app in app store search results. 

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3 Replies to “How Do App Reviews and Ratings Affect Your ASO…”

  1. Though the app review and rating, under the play store, help the customers or the users to understand the particular application they want to download from Play Store. But this has also some drawbacks also. RThis rating and review process may affect the competitor applications that are not so much getting popular.

  2. ASO is the fastest and cheapest way to improve your apps rankings in app.Well, we can definitely say that having ratings and reviews helps your position to be better than not having any. Needless to say that high ratings are better than low ones. So, let’s start working on them!

  3. See I have some tricks, if you have play store then just sign in it with your Gmail and by which you will be very helpful and after that if you are interested in it then you just visit some different tricks from seeing some review. Also, that blog is good to collect some information.

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